5-day residential: Medical School Preparation Courses

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Medical School Preparation Courses 

TheMSAG Medical School Preparation Course includes UCAT and BMAT training, Personal statement development and medical school mock interviews. You’ll also receive higher education counselling, one-to-one sessions with a tutor to work on your personal statement, as well as one-to-one consulting and strategy with Dr Dibah Jiva, leader in UK medical school admissions. Essentially, it’s the most comprehensive one-stop-shop for Medical School available.


  • A 5-day course close to London
  • Picturesque location and facilities
  • Comfortable class sizes with a maxi of 12 students
  • Social activities like a cooking challenge, karaoke, and more
  • Work alongside a multicultural team
  • Academics

  • The NHS, hot topics in medicine and UK healthcare covered in detail
  • Problem-based learning (PBL) driven team research project
  • Preparation for admissions tests (UCAT/BMAT)
  • Personal Statement support
  • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) sessions
  • Unique

  • Daily mentoring with Dr Dibah Jiva, leading admissions expert
  • Includes a full UCAT, BMAT and personal statement courses
  • All sessions taught by experienced doctors
  • Staff extremely knowledgeable about top medical schools
  • Step-by-step guide through the application process
  • Who is this Medical School Preparation Course for?

    This course is designed for anyone who wants to get a headstart on their medical school application to develop a competitive edge. We’ve designed the course for students 16 years and older from anywhere in the world who are looking for trustworthy assured guidance on getting into Medical school. This is also for any undergraduate or graduate students with an interest in general medicine and surgery. 

    Our courses are specifically designed and tailored to help you get the best out of your application to medical school.This is the best program available for high school secondary school students, undergraduate and graduate students!

    Medical School Preparation Course Programme

    Our Medical School Preparation Course develops the skills you will need to help prepare for the admissions process. Students who register for our course also get full access to our Medical School Online Interview Course and a free copy of our “Get into Medical School” Guidebook, used by career advisers throughout the UK. 

    You’ll be able to develop a final draft of your personal statement alongside members of Medical School Admissions Panels. You’ll experience an in-depth UCAT course, including detailed training and mock exams, as well as BMAT preparation taught by Cambridge Tutors. You’ll also have an experience that is completely unique to theMSAG. You’ll be able to work one-on-one with Dr Dibah Jiva, a leading expert in the UK for Medical School Admissions.

    By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of how medical school applications are scored and reviewed. Together, you will create a step-by-step plan to apply where you have the best chances of success. 

    Admissions preparation

    UCAT/BMAT: Our 5-day provides a full course for each exam. We dive deep with 8 sessions that will help you get familiar with the tests and provide the chance for tutoring and coaching to improve your areas of weakness.

    Personal Statements: Our team has reviewed over 1000 personal statements, helping all of those students get through the interview process. During our summer school, you will have 2 dedicated sessions so we can help you do the same. You’ll develop a final draft of your Personal Statement with one-to-one mentoring and have a good understanding of the school’s marking schemes.

    Medicine Interviews: The MMI - the Multiple Mini Interview format - is a common part of the admissions process for many schools. We’ll work on your answers to questions about ethics, situational judgement, duties of a doctor and many other topics… and you’ll get a video copy of your feedback. 

    NHS, UK Healthcare and Hot Topics in Medicine: Discuss and debate many topics discussed in Medical School interviews, including Medical ethics, NHS structure and current affairs. These discussions and knowledge will prove invaluable in your interviews and show your interviewer that you are striving to stay up to date with current events. 

    Career Insights Workshop: Meet doctors from various specialities and clinical interests to learn more about their career progression. Understand the challenges facing doctors throughout their careers and how to develop resilience to overcome these obstacles. 

    Team research project

    Not only great for your CV, but many medical school applications are now requiring that you show evidence of teamwork and research skills. This project will give you the opportunity to participate in a Team Research Project: a collaboration between you and your peers. 

    Each group gets a week to research an important topic and prepare a presentation. Show you’re a team player with good communication!  


    For information on the accommodation, facilities, security and activities on theMSAG summer courses, please visit our summerprogrammes locations and accommodation page. If you have any further questions on accommodation or course details email us at hello@theMSAG.com.


    Ask a Question
    • Hi Does completion of the 5 day residential medical school preparation course count towards the residential element of the gold duke of Edinburgh course? Many thanks

      Yes, absolutely. Our 5 day residential medical school preparation course does count towards the residential element of the gold duke of Edinburgh award.

    • "a full UCAT, BMAT and personal statement courses" in this 5-day course are as same as in the 2-week Medicine Summer school course?


      Many thanks for your enquiry about our summer programmes. 
      Yes I can confirm that in the 5 day medical school preparation course, the full UCAT, BMAT and personal statement preparation an applicant receives is the same as they would in the 2 weeks summer school. 

      The 2 weeks summer school differs in the sense that it includes the medical school preparation described above as well as other elements such as science exploration of university level topics such as genetics, dissections etc. and clinical skills with patients and doctors. It also includes a large number of social activities and week end excursions to body world and the university of Oxford. 

      I hope this answers you question. My direct email is dibah.jiva@themsag.com and my number  +447595960472. I look forward to hearing back from you and I will be happy to assist if you need further clarification.

      take care,
      Dr Jiva