Medicine Entry Complete Bundle | UCAT, Interview and PS


*Choice of in-person or live online courses. If due to COVID restrictions in-person courses are not allowed, online courses will be offered as a substitute.

Our most comprehensive option for Medical School Prep

3 Sessions with Dr Dibah Jiva

Session 1 - She will go through your full application giving you a realistic idea of your chances for different school based on data collected for over a decade. You will leave with an honest opinion on your profile, its strengths and weaknesses, how you compare to other applicants and a clear plan on how to strengthen your medical school application.

Session 2 - The second session is normally used to explore in more depth various programme options. She will help you understand which factors may matter to you in choosing your programme and taking into account the application assessment from the first session, you will explore together as many medical school programmes as you wish to delve into whether it could be a good fit for you and how to optimise your chances for it. We will end with a preselection of programmes to apply to.

Session 3 - The final session should happen after you have done your UCAT exam. The purpose of this session is to have a look at all the finalised elements of your application and make a final selection on the 4 programmes to apply to.

Writing the BMAT? We can help

We know not everyone chooses to do the BMAT - so rather than include it in our bundle and increase the price, we've kept it separate so only those who need it can buy it. This lets us keep the complete bundle more affordable. Our BMAT prep is taught by Cambridge, UCL and Imperial students and comes with marking for 5 BMAT essays. It is available online from anywhere.

Focus on the subjects you need

The majority of our students in the past decade choose to complete their medical school admissions preparation with some form of tutoring. However, we understand it can be financially challenging to commit to expensive packages early - especially if you can’t predict what tutoring subject you will need. This is why we created the flexible Private Tutoring add-on.

Our average student uses:
  • 20 - 30 hours of UCAT tutoring
  • 20 - 40 hours of BMAT tutoring
  • 4 - 6 hours of Personal Statement Tutoring
  • 8 - 14 hours of interview tutoring
Of course, this varies from person-to-person. If a student does not study physics at school and is planning on writing the BMAT, they will need a lot more tutoring than a student not writing the BMAT at all. Someone with a starting UCAT score of 600 will need more UCAT tutoring than someone starting with 650. Some students might only ever need 10 hours of tutoring combined.

Bundle purchases are cheaper, but what if you don’t need 20 hours in a specific subject? This is why we are making our private tutoring hours flexible. When you buy a bundle of hours at a reduced rate, you can use those hours for any subject you need. So if you need to use a lot of hours for UCAT prep, you can... But if it so happens that you are doing better than expected, you can keep your hours and use them for your personal statement or interviews later.

The private tutoring flex add-on allows you the best price for hourly medical school admissions private tutoring services but without the fear of being left with unused hours in one domain.