Mock Oxbridge Panel Interviews

  • A unique, personalised panel-style mock to prepare you for your Oxford or Cambridge Medicine Interview.

Have a cambridge Interview? Then prepare in the right way!

Oxbridge team

Interviews conducted by Oxford/Cambridge graduates

Tailored to you

Questions designed for Oxbridge interviews

Pro feedback

Interview followed up with thorough interview tips

Accurate style

Analyses your thought process like Oxbridge tutors

Panel interview

A small group panel, akin to the Oxbridge experience

What do you get?

How do I receive feedback for my interview?

You will receive detailed feedback during the session from your interviewers.  They make notes on your responses so that they can point out specific words or phrases you need to rethink and identify ways in which you can improve your delivery, communication skills and fluency. After the interview, you will be contacted with a formal feedback report in the days following the interview, with further guidance on how best to prepare for your medical school interview.

Oxbridge Mock Panel Overview

  • When should I do this mock?

    The best time to have a mock Oxbridge interview is one to two weeks before your in-person interview. This will give you time to prepare answers for interview questions based on your SAQ answers, BMAT essay and A-level knowledge, in addition to your general preparation on your personal statement, work experience and explanation of why you would make a good doctor.

    Early practice lets you adapt your approach. You may consider a second mock interview to further develop your confidence and answers.

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  • How will the session be delivered?

    The Oxbridge mock panel interview will be delivered online. You will receive a questionnaire to complete about your UCAS medical school application, including SAQ, personal statement, BMAT, GCSE and A-level results. Our admissions tutors will then draft a series of Oxford and Cambridge medicine interview questions which they will ask during your mock interview.

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  • Who will deliver this session?

    Your interviewing team will exclusively consist of those with firsthand knowledge: Oxbridge medical students or graduated medics from the University of Cambridge or Oxford University.

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What you will learn

The mock panel will involve 20-25 minutes of practice questions, after which you will be given detailed feedback on your answers, thought process and capability to be a good Oxford or Cambridge medical student. Our tutors are either Oxbridge students or graduated medics from the University of Cambridge or Oxford University. The mock interview will be in a private setting, with no other medical school applicants, meaning the panel interview is tailored to you.

You will receive 35-40 minutes of detailed feedback and a written follow-up report on your interview experience. From this, your subsequent interview preparation is focused and informed.

By participating in this mock interview you will gain an understanding of your performance in an interview. The panel interview will consist of a series of practice questions which fully assess your suitability for the medicine course. It will be an excellent opportunity to guide your further interview preparation, with interview tips from admissions tutors experienced in Oxbridge medicine interviews.

A mock interview is a great opportunity to practice answering common questions, as well as to receive feedback on some of the trickier questions. We can give you practical advice for your future Oxforsd or Cambridge University interview. The detailed feedback will ensure you know exactly the next steps you need to take to ensure you are ready for your Oxbridge medicine interview.