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What's included in the UCAT course?

UCAT Live Online course pricing

  theMSAG Kaplan the Medic Portal
Live Course Teaching Time 14 hrs 10.5 hrs (weekend) 13 hrs (4 days) 5.5 hrs
Question Bank season pass season pass season pass
Online UCAT Course season pass season pass season pass
1-1 Tutoring 1 hour 1 hour* 1 hour**
Price £245 £435 £432.5

This information has been confirmed accurate as of May13th, 2020.
*Kaplan only allows to book 10 hours tutoring minimum, price for 1 hr used was the price of the 10 hr package divided by 10
**Medic Portal's live online course is called "webinar" on their website
We have partnered with schools such as Harberdasher's Aske's School for Boys, Harberdasher's Aske's School for Girls, Eton College and Hymers College to deliver courses to students getting ready for medical school! Visit our Instagram to see more photos from our school events.

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We know how important this process is to parents as well as students: that’s why we strive to keep everyone fully informed of progress and achievements. During the UCAT course, you can see in course practice results. After the course, we send a follow up email with your child’s performance. And we provide full support until the date of your UCAT booking: for both parents and students!

Email: hello@themsag.com
Phone: +44 207 193 4020

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A core value at theMSAG is to widen access to medicine, which we do by removing barriers.  We remove physical barriers by hosting our UCAT courses in as many locations as possible across the UK (pre COVID-19), so students didn’t need to travel long distances to attend.  Now we offer the same content in an online classroom so anyone can attend from anywhere in the world with internet access!

We also are proud to provide financial aid for every single one of our courses.  If you are in need of financial aid for our UCAT courses before you book your test, please email finance@theMSAG.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible with access arrangements.  All financial requests are decided on a case-by-case basis.