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What ELSE IS included?

theMSAG Virtual Medical Society is led by Dr Jiva, founder of theMSAG and offers weekly sessions for students interested in UK Medical School. 

Parents access to sessions: Over half of the sessions are open for parents to attend alone or join their child

Application Prep: For exams, personal statement, interviews

Hot Topics: Debates & Scientific Research review

Who is it for?

Our Virtual MedSoc is for everyone currently applying or interested in attending medical school in the UK. There are over 50 workshops or sessions offered per year so you are bound to find numerous events that interest you. The breakdown below will help you see which sessions may be of greater interest to you but you are welcome to attend any others too. You will likely fit into a few of these groups.

See the detailed schedule to find the MedSoc events you would like to attend.


Some strategic sessions, such as understanding the impact of four A-levels or an EPQ, and looking at competition ratios that are tailored for undergraduate applicants. Q&A sessions with medical students currently studying in the 5 or 6 year programme you are interested in will also be insightful.


Our founder, Dr Dibah Jiva, was a graduate applicant herself and her first book published in 2008 was about getting into Graduate Entry Medicine. She has always made a point to ensure there is graduate applicant tailored material in all the resources we offer. In the Virtual Medical Society, she runs multiple sessions for graduate applicants including, understanding GAMSAT scoring and the competition to GAMSAT programmes, where a graduate can apply with the UCAT alone, understanding the competitiveness of Graduate Entry Medicine vs. undergraduate Medicine in various UK Medicine programmes, the approach on studying for the GAMSAT, etc.

International Applicants

Dibah went to high school in a French/international hybrid system, then studied a Bachelor’s in McGill, Canada before starting Graduate Entry Medicine in the UK. She had to navigate different educational systems and their grading for her own application. Since then, she has studied further in Spain, lived in North America, and has supported students' applications from over 25 countries. Brexit has recently changed the playing field significantly for international applicants. Some of the sessions specific to help international applicants include looking at international competition ratio, unique BMAT and UCAT cut offs and how the interview preparation also differs for that group.


Almost half of the Virtual MedSoc events aim to spread insights into the medical school application process or specific medical schools. We appreciate that the process of research whether a year or two early, or of making the final call, is often a family discussion. We thus welcome parents to attend any sessions of the following type:
  • Choosing the right medical school
  • Understanding the competition
  • Building your profile
  • Q&A with medical students
As a parent, you will have your own account to sign up to sessions so that we can accurately plan the number of attendees. We ask that no more than two family members (usually parents) attend with a student to keep the session comfortable for all. A parent is also welcome to attend a session without the student.

Prospective Students

We are using the term “prospective students” to refer to students who are not applying this year but are planning to apply in the near future (within the next 3 years). Aside from the sessions that are in the category “Application Prep” which are more relevant for current applicants, all other sessions will be very insightful for you. We would particularly encourage you to attend the sessions for “Hot Topics” as they will help build your applicant profile.

Current Applicants

Almost all sessions are relevant for current applicants. The ones marked “Application Prep” are specifically designed to be delivered as study sessions or coaching on the steps you are going through at the right time so we would encourage you to try to attend all of those.

Why was it created?

From Dibah Jiva, founder of theMSAG.

I created theMSAG Virtual Society as a way to give access to more students and their families to knowledge, insights and strategies that I have been developing and sharing in consulting sessions with clients for over a decade. 

I began helping students get into medical school in 2007 and it has now been my biggest passion over 15 years. I have refined my understanding and interpretation of medical school entry statistics and cut offs to become better at predicting application outcomes. Since students are limited to four medical schools when applying to Medicine in the UK, the universities they choose make an immense difference in the outcome. 

Often, reapplicants book sessions for help as they did not gain admission the first time. We realise together that even without changing anything else, if they had applied somewhere else, they would have gotten in. I also often see students with a low UCAT, BMAT or GAMSAT result, surprised about their score. During their preparation, it felt like they were doing better. I had the opportunity to test many preparation methods to advise students how to improve their scores, or how to assess if they are ready before taking an exam, or going to an interview. 

I created the Virtual MedSoc to have a forum where I can share a lot of the advice I give in consulting sessions with more students, at a more affordable price overall. 

I chose the sessions in the “application strategy” and “application prep” categories to address the most common questions I have been asked in the last decade. I have also learned that prospective applicants need opportunities to gain insights into the profession and the many medical schools. The “Insights into Medicine” part of the programme aims to help students gain this insight.

The final part of the programme covers Medicine or NHS hot topics via debates and scientific journal appraisals. I designed this part for two main reasons. The first, is that part of what creates drive, insight and motivation in a student is exposure to doctors and their clinical work. All of these sessions are delivered by clinicians. Therefore the variety of opinions and experiences shared with students in these sessions are very rich. The topics are designed to match commonly tested topics in interviews so besides interest, these sessions also help students for the medical school interview. 

The second reason is that a few academic medical schools place an emphasis in their selection criteria to look for students who show interest in medical research or sciences outside of the curriculum. I have met many students who have that interest but struggle to “prove” it. Joining the sessions that appraise scientific research articles on specific Medicine topics is a great way to help students achieve that.


Why join theMSAG Virtual Medical Society?

  • Dr Jiva’s Experience
  • Range & Caliber of Doctors who teach
  • Access to Medical Students from UK medical schools
  • Connecting with students preparing with you