Interview Skills Assessment

What's included?


Consulting session

15 minutes with Dr Dibah Jiva*

Interview Process

1.5 hours with Dr Rony Sanyal

Performance Report

Specific to your uni choices

Preparation plan

A tailored guide to your uni prep

Flexible Availability

Work around your schedule

*Until 31st August 2022, comes with a 15 minute consultation with Dr Dibah Jiva. If you have not chosen specific medical schools to apply to yet, the assessment will be broad to cover all question types used in medical school interviews.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone that would like some honest and accurate feedback on their level of preparedness of medical school interviews
  • Anyone that wants a plan/roadmap they can follow to interview success.
  • Anyone that wants a bespoke package on interview questions to practice based on their university specifications which are challenging and educational
  • Anyone that wants to understand their strengths and their weaknesses in detail and learn how to overcome personal challenges they may face at medical school interview

What to expect?

The team

  • In constant communication from a dedicated team of professionals who are always happy to answer any questions you may have

On-going monitoring

  • Plenty of opportunities to follow up after the interview assessment through MMIs, 1:1s with experienced tutors, online interview content and more

School Specific plans and advice

  • Bespoke advice and guidance on how to achieve interview success for specific schools you have applied for


Tailoring to your concerns

  • Discuss your interview technique, natural communication skills, previous interview preparation and feedback.
  • Dibah will make sure that the interview preparation plan that is suggested takes into account the above, and your study style preferences, schedule constraints and any other specific circumstances.

Tailoring to your objective

  • Discuss your top choice medical school(s) & understand how the interview there is different from other medical schools, recent question styles, expected answer style and the competition you can expect.

Your time with Dr Rony Sanyal

Personalised Interview format

  • You can choose 1 to 5 medical schools to tailor the assessment session. The style & structure of your mock interview is adapted to them.
  • If the medical schools have different styles from another (ie. one expects 5 minutes long answers, while another one expects a conversation), then your assessment will be split using one style for half and then the other.
  • Dr Sanyal will provide feedback on your performance on each question, as well as his assessment on various aspects of your interview preparation (Authenticity of answers, structure, content, passion, etc.) verbally. He is fun and friendly, passionate about helping students. The feedback and conversation time with him will set you on the right track for your interviews.

University specific assessment report

Some medical schools use MMI stations 5 to 7 minutes long and have one scenario for the whole length of time. Others may appear to look the same, but have 4 or 5 follow up questions planned for every 5 minutes station. The way to answer and the way to prepare differ greatly based on which interview you are preparing for.

Besides the expected answer style, the questions and areas tested at interviews also differ. Many medical schools believe scenarios, roleplays, prioritisation tasks are fairer ways to assess students and give those a lot of weight. Some medical schools take a more traditional approach to interviews and believe in getting to know the motivation and experiences of the student in depth.

The assessment report is designed to help you see the following easily:

  • Your greatest strengths
  • Your urgent priorities to improve
  • Your assessment viewed in three separate ways:
    • By question type (Roleplay, ethics scenarios, etc.)
    • By interview skills (Originality of thought, credibility of stories, structure, etc.)
    • By medical school (readiness vs. their style and assessment)

University specific interview preparation plan

There are an unlimited number of questions one could be asked at interviews. Preparing an answer for all of them is not realistic, nor an advisable way to prepare. To excel in your interviews, your interview preparation plan must be efficient and well thought through. I must take into account:

  • Previous preparation, feedback, natural communication style
  • Up to date assessment of your interview skills & identified priority areas for prep
  • The style of the interviews you are preparing for
  • Personal preferences and constraints (time available, finances, group vs. 1-1 vs self study preparation, introvert vs extrovert)

You will receive a detailed interview prep plan that takes into account all the above. This is put into a timeline for ease of use, and includes:

  • Advice on resources to use
  • How to make the best use of your self-study time
  • How much tutoring and what should be the focus of those sessions
  • When and how to assess progress

Why choose an interview assessment?

Reserving your Session

Because developing the right skills and using your time effectively is the right way to spend those precious commodities:

  • Benefit from Dr Sanyal’s unmatched skills and expertise in Medicine interview preparation
  • Don’t waste time preparing for hours on end, not focusing well enough on the areas you need to develop

Each station you achieve excellence on may be the difference between an interview offer and a rejection letter! An interview assessment will help you:

  1. Understand your universities inside out and know what to expect from them
  2. Understand yourself and how you can achieve your full potential on interview day
  3. Stand out from your colleagues and competitors, to achieve excellence at medical school interviews.
  4. Have an easy to understand/tailored guide to medical school interview success

Why Dr Rony Sanyal?


  • MBChB, Bsc, MRCGP
  • PGcert in Medical Education (Due for completion April 2022)
  • PGcert in Healthcare Practice (Due for completion Aug 2022)


  • 6+ years 1:1 interview coaching for medical school interviews
  • 6+ years leading and managing interview course for theMSAG
  • theMSAG training programme manager
  • Previous Nottingham Medical School Interview Examiner
  • theMSAG Medical School Interview guidebook content editor


  • Professional : Well honed on offering the true interview experience for students
  • Personal: Likable, friendly and approachable
  • Motivational: Brings out the warrior in you
  • Knowledgeable: Understands medical school inside out through experience teaching others & creating and developing interview content.