• A level Maths tutor and the quote "Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things" by Henri Poincare written on a laptop screen. The laptop is on someone's laps.

    A Level Maths Tutor

    Our lead maths tutor is Alex, an undergrad student at Oxford studying mathematics and statistics. Having written a book on high school level mathematics and tutored hundreds of students himself, he has the passion, skills and desire to make maths...

  • A Level Chemistry Tutor and the quote "Chemistry is the one science where there are no exceptions to the rules" by Peter Atkins on a desktop screen that is on a desk with the keyboard visible and black hands typing on the keyboard.

    A Level Chemistry Tutor

    Our A Level Chemistry tutors are undergraduates with strong Chemistry knowledge, PhD Chemistry students and medical school students. Our founder, Dr Jiva, handpicked them after an interview and trial lesson process. We selected them after passing a DBS...

  • A level Physics tutor and the quote you never fail until you stop trying by Albert Einstein written on a desktop apple computer screen with a figurine in wood nearby and black hands on the keyboard and part of a white shirt showing.

    A Level Physics Tutor

    Physics tutoring is led by Jia and Jonida, two enthusiastic and highly skilled tutors. Jia is an engineering student at the University of Cambridge, while Jonida studies Math and Computing at Imperial College London. They both have outstanding academic...

  • A level Biology Tutor and the quote Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother by Oprah Winfrey written on a desktop screen with blue background and one white hand on a mouse clicking.

    A Level Biology Tutor

    Dr Jiva, our founder, hand-picks our Biology A Level tutors after a rigorous interview and trial lesson. Along with a DBS check, they are evaluated for academic abilities, friendliness, teaching and mentoring skills. The selection method ensures that...

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