• Live Medicine Interview Course

    Live Medicine Interview Course

    Stand Out at Your Medical School Interview Welcome to the most comprehensive medicine interview course. Unlike other courses offering short, insufficient preparation, ours includes an unbeatable 16 hours of live online classes and twice-weekly interview...

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  • University of Cambridge and university of Oxford logos together one on top of the other making an Oxbridge logo

    Oxbridge Medicine Mock Panel Interview

    This panel-style mock interview will help you prepare for your Oxford or Cambridge Medicine Interview. Tutors are Oxbridge students or Oxford or Cambridge graduates. We'll do the mock interview in a private setting with no other medical school...

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  • A student facing a medical school interview that is in the panel format

    Medicine Mock Panel Interview

    The mock panel we offer for Medicine is the only one that uses actual past medical school interview questions tailored to each applicant. Most companies do mock interviews 1-1, which really isn't a panel. We offer a mock interview with two interviewers,...

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  • Laptop screen which shows the writing MMI Circuit, scenarios, personal questions, feedback

    Medicine Mock MMI Circuit

    In our Mock MMI Circuit, we provide you with a realistic mock circuit of 20 questions, with 10 practice stations and 10 observation stations. We keep you ahead of the game because most of the information we know about medical school interviews format,...

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  • Online Medicine Interview Course

    Online Medicine Interview Course

    Our Online Interview Course covers the entire interview process, from early timeline preparation to what to wear on the day! Learn how to approach every question type and go into detail with example questions or full debates and example answers...

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  • Medical School Interview Coaching - theMSAG

    Medicine Interview Tutor

    Work alongside highly trained coaches: Our medical school interview tutors have gained experience by delivering our Medical School Interview Courses, MMI Circuits and designing our Online Interview Course. We make sure every coach undergoes...

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