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Taught by Esha Gogna (99th percentile score) and Dr Jiva (Founder of theMSAG.com)

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We are your medical school application guide

We help people apply to medical schools. We help students of all backgrounds overcome obstacles so they can become part of one of the most competitive and rewarding careers out there. Every step of the way, we make sure no one gets denied a medical school place. We also rigorously select our tutors.

Dr Dibah Jiva is the CEO of theMSAG with passion for social justice. She has accomplished a great deal in her career. Her bold decisions have inspired many people, demonstrating that self-sacrifice can lead to extraordinary achievements. Dr Jiva's passion for teaching and guidance has helped over 10,000 students become doctors.

It is evident that her dedication extends beyond providing professional education. For example, she provided full financial support for a disabled parent. Another student was able to break through barriers no other student had been able to at his school. Despite having dyslexia and autism, he secured offers to study medicine at two universities. These inspiring stories show why so many people seek assistance from Dr Dibah Jiva.

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What sets us apart from other companies?

Tailored support

With theMSAG, every service we offer is personalised. From starting level assessments to curriculum mapping to MMIs using real past questions.

Tutor recruitment

When we interview tutors, we test them on different teaching styles. We hire the best tutors and pay them more than other companies, keeping our margins low.

Student Experience

You'll need help after office hours when applying to medical school. That's why our office hours go until 11 p.m. every day, including weekends.

Industry Experience

With more than 80% of our tutors having more than 300 hours of teaching experience, we have the most experience of anyone you could ask for.