Medical School Summer School

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Medical School Summer School

Thinking about applying for medical school? Interested in the day-to-day life of a doctor? Located in London, our Summer School course is the perfect summer choice for you. Before even applying to medical school we are able to give you a true feel for what it is like as a medical student and doctor.

We help you prepare for all stages of the application process by covering interview preparation, personal statements, UKCAT and BMAT (optional) preparation and biology and mathematics tutoring. Our medicine summer school allows you to spend days learning clinical skills and working through life support simulations to help you experience a day in the life of a doctor.

Our Medical School Summer School course allows you to be in the shoes of a cardiologist, ophthalmologist and more! What better way to spend your summer than advancing your potential and increasing your chances of gaining access to medical school all while having fun?

What to expect from Medical School Summer School

  • 6:1 clinical skills sessions and 12:1 teaching sessions
  • Tailored to each clients’ needs
  • Led by qualified Doctors and medical education experts
  • Learn clinical skills and experience basic life support simulations
  • UCAS focus: interview preparation, personal statements and UKCAT and BMAT tutoring
  • Real experience in medical specialities
  • Exposure to fun and medical-oriented social activities
  • The opportunity to make friends with similar interests and career objectives
  • Boost your confidence and improve your chances of getting into med school
  • Get the medical practice you need to shine in your interviews
  • Learn practical skills to help you improve

Summer School Course Details

Our medical summer school course will be held in July 2019 and will be a 2-week residential course in London. This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students and focuses solely on medicine. Additionally, this course is open to UK students and international students.

More details about this exciting new Medical School Summer School course are coming soon so be sure to check in for updates!


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