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Physics A-Level Tutoring Overview

  • Who will tutor me?

    Your physics teachers will be students studying medicine and dentistry. Our tutors have years of experience, go through a rigorous selection process and are only selected for the areas they are experts in teaching, enabling us to maintain a high level of excellence and integrity. Before anyone joins the team, we perform due diligence on their application form. We check ID, references and proof of all grades and qualifications. All tutors have a DBS check from their medical or dental school.

  • How will tutoring be delivered?

    Before your sessions begin, we ask you to rate your confidence in specification topics. You will learn content with your tutor, and run through exam questions to test your knowledge as appropriate.

    Our tutoring is delivered virtually through 1-1 sessions using Google Meet. Sessions lengths range from 60-120 minutes as often as necessary. Most students opt for 1-2 sessions per week.

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  • When should I get a physics tutor?

    If you are planning to sit the BMAT, the best time to start your physics tutoring is the Spring/Summer of your application year.

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Yes, our tutoring is delivered online. The online platform enhances the experience, with features such as screen-sharing, the option to record the session, and the availability of a wide tutor field from the UK and beyond to support you with your A-level Biology exams.

From our experience, we recommend the spring/summer of the application year. For example if the BMAT is held in October of this coming year, we recommend starting your revision in April/May.

We keep our prices transparent, good value and simple. We offer one-to-one sessions for £60/hr. Most of our students, however, use our packages that can reduce the price down to £35/hr.

We recommend an average of 2 hours a week consistently to see the full effects of the tutoring. It ensures enough time for exam practice and consolidation.

Yes! Our tutors are experienced with varied levels of previous physics knowledge and are prepared to start right from the basics to build core understanding of the subject. Our tutors are patient and there are no bad questions.

We have many highly qualified A-level maths tutors on our team. If you would like to arrange a session, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

The transition from GCSE physics to A-level can be tough. To succeed in your A-levels, you not only need to be well prepared for the exam, but good exam technique is crucial to success. We here at theMSAG are ready to help you perform to the best of your ability by preparing you in both domains, with targeted sessions to achieve your goals.