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Attend as much as you need & get weekly coaching


50%+ of our strategies are not taught elsewhere


5000+ questions, detailed explanations & full mocks


Our tutors score in the top 10% nationally

The UCAT Course covers the entire UCAT content with strategies for each question type and guided practice time to gain speed and ability to apply and perfect the taught methodologies. With 26 hours of live time with tutors and unlimited access to resources, this is great value and the best investment for your UCAT preparation. You get:

  • 16 hours of Strategy and Application sessions - split into 11 hours of strategies to understand how to approach each question type, and 5 hours to apply your skills to mock exam questions - see schedule
  • 10 hours of Advanced Practice - these coaching sessions run weekly all summer - see schedule
  • Online UCAT Course - 7+ hours of on demand interactive videos and a 100 page accompanying workbook 
  • Question Bank - 5000+ questions, section and full lenghts UCAT mocks with detailed explanation and advanced analytics
  • Flexibility to attend your course in the way that suits you. Come over many weeks, intensively over one weekend or anything in between.
  • Come back as many times as you wish
  • Complimentary personal guidance - Personal feedback sent to you from the teacher after each 2 hour session of the course & assessment of your strengths and weaknesses on the question bank, with advice emailed to you anytime you ask. 

With unlimited access to all live teaching sessions & digital access, you will be ready to ace your UCAT. Sign up for a free webinar where Dr Jiva will go over the best way to optimise your UCAT preparation.

Our courses run May - August of each application cycle.
We offer weekend and weekday courses to give you full flexibility. Once purchasd you will receive more information on how to sign up.

Smash the UCAT with our coaching included!

The most comprehensive and flexible ucat course available.

UCAT Strategies

Learn unique strategies

 16 hour live online course

In 7 hour UCAT courses, there is not enough time to develop the skills to be exam ready. We dedicate enough time to each section, ensuring all content is covered thoroughly: 3 hours for VR, 3 hours for AR, 3 hours for QR, 4 hours for DM, 2 hours for SJT and 1 hour for timing strategies.


UCAT 2023 coaching


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 Weekly live coaching all summer (10 sessions)

Get the benefits of 1-1 tutoring without the price! We have scheduled small group coaching sessions every week in July and August, led by our expert UCAT tutor team. They will go through practice questions and give you the best tips and tricks on how to succeed.


Online UCAT Course


 Online self-study course & 100 page workbook

We have 7 hours of interactive videos to support your prep. It is linked to our question bank, so for questions you get incorrect, you can read the course content that is relevant to support your learning. Mobile friendly too so you can learn on the go! Our workbook can be used alongside the course too.

UCAT ready


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  5000+ Question bank & mock exams

Our question bank has been updated to allow you to gain valuable insights. See your timing and accuracy vs. other applicants. If your score is not improving, you can see if this is because of a difficult question type, or your timing, for example. Remember, it is about your ranking, not your UCAT score.

UCAT performance


Tailored post-course feedback

You will receive individually tailored post-course feedback, allowing you to understand your strengths and weaknesses at this stage of your prep. Our team are always on hand to support you if you need further advice on the next steps of your UCAT journey.

UCAT unlimited


Ultimate flexibility

Attend the course in a way that suits how you want to prep. Attend a full weekend course for more intense prep or split the course over 2 weeks with our weekday options. Courses run from May to August, and you can reattend as many sections as you wish. Just sign up to the sections you want to join!

The best coaches, the best content and the best flexibility 

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