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Our self-study course has 7 hours of video tutorials


Content split into several bite-size videos


Tutorials linked to specific questions and topics


Power through our content at your own pace

Our UCAT Online Course uses the latest technology to give you a unique interactive learning experience. 8 1/2 hours of teaching split into 70 individual bite-sized interactive video lessons. In each, your tutor goes over one specific strategy covering a total of over 200 UCAT questions, fully worked out.

We use “recall”, “personal interaction” and “practise” as effective learning methodologies. This is complemented by animations, full captions, a breadth of different UCAT teachers and more visual effects to keep your experience engaging. A truly interactive and fun learning experience. 

Real teachers: The course is taught by real tutors, all passionate about teaching. You will feel the energy and enthusiasm of the teacher in the lesson. We don't enjoy studying from a plain PowerPoint with a voiceover - we don’t expect you to either!

Adaptive: Like any great teacher would, our software adapts to your performance and tailors a different explanation and response based on your results. We use the principles of frequent recall, spaced repetition and active practice as effective teaching methodologies in the course. 

Realistic: Throughout the UCAT (formerly UKCAT) course, all your practice is done on a realistic looking UCAT interface. You use the same calculator, the same timings, the same layout of questions… right down to the colour scheme of the real test. Our question bank includes the full features with keyboard shortcuts, etc. so that you don’t get any surprises on test day.

Advanced Animations: Engagement is necessary for focus and learning. By incorporating animated cartoons, sounds and advanced animations throughout the course, including UCAT question tutorials, we make sure you do not get bored and in turn improve your ability to retain the information.

Any Device: Our full software is built to work perfectly on mobile and on desktop/laptop so you can learn and practise whenever and wherever you need. 

Full Captions: We take disability into account when creating products. The availability for full captions throughout makes our course more accessible. It also helps being able to watch the videos in noisy environments... or you may just enjoy the captions. On or off, subtitles are your choice.

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