Medicine Personal Statement Review

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Reviewed by 2 Independent Expert Editors


Detailed line-by-line feedback, comments and track changes


Marked against marking schemes of your chosen schools


Faster turnaround times available such as <12 hrs, <24 hrs

Two reviewers offer a unique quality that nobody else can match. We'll guide you through developing a genuine Medicine Personal Statement that meets competitive requirements. You'll get a clear assessment of your personal statement after the review, along with concrete suggestions for improvement. We'll comment on every line. If we like it, we'll tell you why. If we think it can be improved, we'll write a comment explaining why, giving you specific suggestions and examples to consider implementing. We will review the structure you've used and, if necessary, we will suggest a better structure.

Because it's done with your content, it's easy to implement. Also choose up to four medicals school marking schemes to have it graded against.

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