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Marked against marking schemes of your chosen schools


Faster turnaround times available such as <12 hrs, <24 hrs

Competition for spots at top medical schools is fierce. In the UK, schools like Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and those in London receive thousands of applications each year, and most of these medical schools give weight to the personal statement in their overall selection process. Your UCAS personal statement is your chance to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate why you belong in their program. Are you ready to submit a compelling medicine personal statement that showcases your unique experiences, skills, and motivations? Our Medicine Personal Statement Review service is here to help you create a statement that stands out!

Unparalleled Expertise and Experience

With over 17 years of experience helping students gain admission to medical school, our founder, Dr. Dibah Jiva, and her team of expert reviewers are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality feedback and guidance. Dr. Jiva's extensive experience includes conducting workshops and training sessions on personal statement review for teachers and career advisers in UK sixth forms. When you choose our Medicine Personal Statement Review service, you'll benefit from a personal secondary review by Dr. Jiva herself. She'll provide additional insights and suggestions to help you refine your statement and make it truly exceptional.

Rigorous Two-Reviewer System

Our review process is designed to give you the most comprehensive and valuable feedback possible. When you submit your medicine personal statement, it will be carefully reviewed by two separate editors. Our primary reviewers are carefully trained using our proprietary 23-page training guide developed by Dr. Jiva. They'll provide consistent, high-quality feedback tailored to your unique experiences and goals. But that's not all! Following the initial review, Dr. Jiva will conduct a secondary review, offering even more insights and suggestions to help you take your statement to the next level.

Medicine personal statement reviewed

Comprehensive, Tailored, and Unique Approach to Feedback

Our comprehensive, tailored, and unique approach to feedback ensures that you receive the most valuable insights and recommendations to help you create a standout statement.

Line-by-Line Comments and Suggestions

Our reviewers provide detailed, line-by-line comments and suggestions throughout your personal statement, addressing every aspect of your writing:

  • Content: We assess the relevance and impact of your experiences, ensuring that each example you provide contributes to a compelling narrative that demonstrates your suitability for a career in medicine.
  • Structure: We analyze the organization and flow of your statement, offering suggestions to improve clarity and coherence, ensuring that your statement is easy to follow and engages the reader from start to finish.
  • Language and Grammar: We review your word choice, sentence structure, and grammar, providing guidance on how to refine your language to create a professional, eloquent, and impactful statement.

We provide concrete guidance on improving each sentence, helping you craft a statement that truly represents your unique voice and experiences.

Track Changes for Direct Editing and Refinement

In addition to line-by-line comments, our editors use the track changes feature to provide direct editing and refinement suggestions within your document:

  • Concision: We help you streamline your writing, eliminating unnecessary words and phrases to create a concise and impactful statement that sticks to the UCAS character limit.
  • Insights and Reflection: Our editors provide examples and suggestions to help you deepen your insights and reflection, ensuring that your statement goes beyond a mere list of experiences and demonstrates genuine growth and understanding.

By implementing our track changes suggestions, you'll be able to refine your statement efficiently and effectively while still maintaining your unique voice and style.

Structured Analysis and Recommendations

Our reviewers conduct a thorough, structured analysis of your personal statement, identifying the key elements that make your application stand out:

  • Relevant Skills, Experiences, and Insights: We highlight the distinctive qualities and experiences that set you apart from other candidates, helping you capitalize on your strengths and create a memorable impression on admissions tutors.
  • Authentic and Compelling Narrative: We provide recommendations on how to develop a genuine and engaging narrative that showcases your dedication, resilience, and passion for medicine, ensuring that your statement is both authentic and persuasive.
  • Clear Focus and Purpose: We help you ensure that each paragraph in your statement has a clear focus and purpose, contributing to a cohesive and compelling overall narrative that demonstrates your suitability for a career in medicine.

Our structured analysis and recommendations provide you with a clear roadmap for refining your statement, ensuring that every element works together to create a strong, cohesive, and impactful application.

Marking Against theMSAG and Medical School-Specific Marking Schemes

To ensure that your personal statement meets the highest standards and expectations of medical schools, we mark your statement against:

  • theMSAG's Marking Scheme: Developed by Dr. Dibah Jiva, our comprehensive marking scheme assesses your statement against the key criteria that medical schools look for in successful applicants.
  • Medical School-Specific Marking Schemes: We also mark your statement against the specific marking schemes of your chosen medical schools, ensuring that your application is tailored to their unique requirements and expectations.

By evaluating your statement against these rigorous marking schemes, we provide you with invaluable insights into how your application will be perceived by admissions tutors, enabling you to make targeted improvements and maximize your chances of success.

Post-Review Clarification and Support

We understand that the personal statement review process can be overwhelming, and we're here to support you every step of the way. After receiving your reviewed statement, you'll have the opportunity to seek clarification and further guidance. Whether you have questions about specific comments or suggestions, or you need advice on how to implement the feedback effectively, we are available to provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that you fully benefit from our service.

With theMSAG's comprehensive, tailored, and unique approach to feedback, you can be confident that your medicine personal statement will be polished, impactful, and ready to impress admissions tutors.

Our Medicine Personal Statement Review Process

Our Medicine Personal Statement Review service is best suited for completed drafts. However, if you're in the early stages of writing your statement, we recommend our Personal Statement Course with Dr. Jiva or our personal statement tutoring services to help you get started. To submit your personal statement for review, simply email it to [email protected]. We offer a range of turnaround times to suit your needs, including 48-72 hour standard, 24-hour, and 12-hour rush options.

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Medicine personal statement writing

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