The UCAT, is a mandatory entrance exam for prospective dental or medical students.  Primarily used in the UK, it has now been instituted for medical schools in Australia and New Zealand as well, making it quite widespread.  Using multiple-choice questions and a variety of question types, it tests your problem solving and your capacity to understand real-world situations.

Preparing for the UCAT exam is more than just attempting to answer practice questions.  Instead, you’ll need to be able to identify each question type and be able to answer them quickly.  Time-saving skills and having essential knowledge for the UCAT will allow you to clear the test properly and get a better score overall.  

If you’re wondering how to prepare for the UCAT, it’s simple: theMSAG gives you the best tools to get ready for this challenging entrance exam.  We teach unique strategies that ultimately get results: everything you need to speed up and get a top score.

Our courses and tutoring put you together with UCAT experts and cover the exam from top to bottom.  In addition to our courses and tutoring this year we have launched out interactive UCAT React software! A brand new way to learn at your own pace and on the go.