Oxbridge Medicine Mock Panel Interview

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This panel-style mock interview will help you prepare for your Oxford or Cambridge Medicine Interview.

Tutors are Oxbridge students or Oxford or Cambridge graduates. We'll do the mock interview in a private setting with no other medical school applicants, so you'll have it tailored just to you.

We'll ask you about your UCAS application, personal statement, and NHS knowledge during your interview. Based on your Biology and Chemistry curriculum, we'll work with you through scientific critical analysis and reasoning using real past Oxford and Cambridge Medicine interview questions. We'll give you feedback after 25 minutes about your answers, thought process, and ability compared to what's needed to succeed at Oxford and Cambridge. You get 35-40 minutes of detailed feedback and a written follow-up.

We'll help you prepare for your interview. The interview is supervisory style, analysing your thought process and letting you show why you'd make a great Doctor. We'll give you tips about your personal qualities, your work experience, and your A-level knowledge. We'll make you think about things differently, just like your Oxbridge admissions tutor. By getting detailed feedback on mock interview responses, you'll be able to refine your medical school application.


Two Oxbridge interviewers, including one doctor


Past interview questions from your chosen medical school


Using your personal statement and/or BMAT essay


Verbal and written feedback received after your mock