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Who We Are

Dr Jiva

Originally from France and having studied in Canada, Dibah was trying to get into UK medical schools in 2007 and could not find helpful resources. After comprehensive research, she decided to create a resource herself - she wrote a book to help people get into medical school.

When families began to contact her after reading her book, she realised that critical help was missing for personal statement, interview preparation and exam preparation. That would be the foundation for theMSAG.

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Our Tutors

We have over 30 tutors, approximately half of which are Doctors/Dentists and the other half are medical students. Combined, they have experience from 70% of all UK med schools. Over 80% of our tutors individually have more than 300 hours of teaching experience.

We have a robust recruitment process that includes looking for tutors that have a passion for teaching, as well as running practical teaching simulations and extensive training. Our tutors go through over 15 hours of video training & live training sessions, shadowing and feedback to provide the highest quality tutelage. The quality of our tutors is the number 1 reason students switch from another company to theMSAG during their preparation.

Our Team

Dibah and the tutors are surrounded by a team that supports the students and activities of theMSAG through communication, technological improvements and customer service.

Our team makes sure that we stay up to date with technology: we built our own e-learning app, won the PIEoneer award for digital resources in 2019 and we provide online student portals for each student.

Our customer service team is available via live chat, email, calls - with extended hours until 10 pm daily, and on weekends.

We continue to development more videos, portal infrastructures, and tools for applicants.

What makes us different?

Tailored Support

Personalising your preparation is a core value of theMSAG. An exceptional level of customisation applies to every service we offer: from starting level assessments & curriculum mapping in tutoring, to our MMI's asking real past questions from your university choices.

Tutor Recruitment & Training

Our hiring process is more than just reading a CV. We take a multitude of steps to ensure that we have passionate, driven tutors that are masters of their subjects and compassionate teachers. To read more about our hiring process, click the link below!

Student Experience

Students come first. We know that this process can be a challenging one for families and stress does not turn off after office hours. That's why we keep extended office hours and even answer messages outside in late evenings and early mornings to keep your mind at ease.

Industry Experience

Dr Dibah Jiva has been helping students since 2007 - which makes her an expert in medical school admissions. Combine that with the fact that over 80% of our tutors have more than 300 hours of teaching experience and we have the most experience available.

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