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Job opportunity - alternative career for a doctor

The 2 roles advertised below are perfect for a doctor in training/Junior doctor looking for an alternative career outside of clinical medicine.

Position 1 - Medical Educator, Business development & Key Accounts Manager

Position 2 - Medical Educator, Operations & Customer Satisfaction Manager is looking for 2 ambitious doctors to join its full time team. Both roles offered consist of roughly 50% teaching (e.g. interview courses, MMI circuits, interview tutoring, etc.) & 50% other responsibilities. The ideal candidates thus need to have a real passion and skill for teaching with a keen interest and ability in business.

The role is offered as an initial 6 month contract, with a possibility for extension into a long term leadership role within the company for the right candidate.

About theMSAG

Our job is to help students get into medical school. Our goals are to offer the highest quality content, which will ensure success for our students, and to make sure that content is available to as many students as possible, regardless of social, financial or geographic limitations. An astonishing 98.5% of students who attend our interview courses have received an offer from a medical school. In the past year, we have successfully helped almost 2000 students.

theMSAG is a very exciting place to work. It is an innovating & fast growing Educational Technology Start-up. In just the last 12 months, we were proud finalists in a number of awards, a testament to our commitment for growth and excellence in our work.

The Education Investor Awards 2018 - Digital Publisher of the year

The Education Resource Award 2019 - Supplier of the year - less than £1 million annual turnover & Best Free Resource of the year

The PIEoneer Awards 2019 - Digital Innovation of the year - learning

The Small and Medium Enterprise awards 2019 - Business of the year - less than 50 employees

Our Proposition

Compensation: We offer an attractive salary, equivalent to a full time role as a qualified doctor in the NHS but without the night shifts! We have an evaluation system in place to ensure fairness and timely progression for all team members with opportunities for bonuses built in the compensation system.

Benefit: All contracts include 50% of weekend work in the month. We show flexibility and work around our teams’ personal lives when planning. You may choose to work every Saturday and be off all Sundays and 1 weekday. Or you may occasionally swap your Saturday of work for a Sunday instead. Or you can work 1 in 2 weekends and be fully off the other weekends. For the weeks, when you work on the week-end, we offer full flexibility to choose which days off in the week you would like to further accommodate around each individual’s personal life. The arrangement is flexible so some months you may prefer to work every Saturday, while other months you may prefer doing a few full week-ends and to have the rest off.

In the month of October 2019 - there will only be one weekend of work the 26th/27th October and the rest of the month will be normal weekdays.

Our office space is fantastic, 30 seconds walk from Holborn station - right in the heart of London. However, for the days when you feel like working in your pyjamas or you need to get your laundry done or await your amazon delivery, we offer a flexible 1 day per week working from home.

Career: We give each team member the chance to progress and develop themselves. Every fortnight, you can use ½ day of work time for training purposes on pre-agreed skills that you feel would be helpful to your career development.

We also provide regular feedback and mentorship from the directors of the company to support your personal development and career progression.

We are looking for long term partners in the business and as such, for the right candidates, we will offer opportunities for a variety of managerial and director roles in the next 12-24 months. These may be in a number of business areas including marketing, sales, operations, product development, product management etc.

Work Environment: We foster a competent, warm and friendly work environment. We give you autonomy and independence in your responsibilities. Being part of a start-up means you get your hands on a wide variety of projects and tasks. This is a challenging and fast paced work environment where sometimes an idea we have in the morning is live on the website and communicated to clients by lunch time. While some days can be busy and long, we value a good work-life balance and make sure to allow time off and further flexibility at quieter times, as well as the one day per week work from home policy. It is a very rewarding working environment where you see the outcome and impact of your work on a daily basis on students, their parents and the company achievements. The bonus system also ensures that all team members are recognised for their contribution to the overall growth of the company. On friday, we go out socially at the end of the afternoon for a bit of winding down after a busy week.

Culture: As a company, our goal to support students from all backgrounds is deep rooted. We have got plenty of corporate social responsibility initiatives including a free online interview course for all, scholarships for our courses for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, free or sponsored teaching in public schools etc. Our founder spends a lot of time giving free consulting sessions for students in difficult situations either financially or emotionally (if they did not meet their A-level grades for example). Regarding your colleagues, you will be working with other doctors who have now stepped out of clinical medicine for a few years. Dr Dibah Jiva, the founder of theMSAG trained in Ophthalmology and stopped clinical medicine after 4 years of working in the NHS. Dr Ashish Mandavia, joined theMSAG full time after completing his foundation training 2 years ago. Andres Mandol is our non medical breath of fresh air. He has his way with words and can transform most boring texts into something captivating to read. You will also be working closely with a wider team of 30+ doctors, medical students, dentists who all help provide the excellent service we deliver to our students. The team is supportive, and everyone will help you with any tasks, regardless of their role and schedule. We collaborate constantly with each other, sharing our tasks, challenges and working very well together.

Our Hiring Process

Read this job advert carefully to decide if our company is a good fit for your skills and career aspirations

If you have a passion for teaching & business and are looking for a career change, we would love to hear from you. Please apply by emailing us at with your CV and Cover Letter. Please specify which of the 2 roles you are most interested in, and when you are available to start. Deadline for application 18th September 2019.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an assessment day. For shortlisted candidates, you will be asked to send us 2 references before the assessment day. The assessment day will last 4 to 5 hours and may be online or in person. It will consist of a mix of teaching tasks, role plays, business cases and interviews. Shortlisted candidates will be sent detailed information for preparation before the assessment day. During the assessment day, we want to get to know you and give you a chance to get to know us, so there is not a whole lot to prep aside for a little bit of teaching material. We encourage you to be yourself and to come with an open mind.

Expected start date - 1st October 2019 (this is flexible and may change depending on the candidates preferences)

Role descriptions

Both roles involve roughly 50% of the time spent teaching prospective medical school applicants and the other half in a business role. For the teaching aspect, between November and March, approximately 4 week-end days per month will be spent leading our interview courses. Full training and coaching throughout is provided. During the weekdays, some of the time will be spent doing interview tutoring for individual students. See below for the 2 roles descriptions that covers roughly 50% of work time

Position 1 - Medical Educator, Business Development & Key Accounts Manager

The Business development & Key Accounts Manager will lead our marketing/sales efforts with international agents in 10/15 countries (no need to travel) as well as Sixth forms in the UK and high schools abroad. Some of our key accounts include very prestigious schools in the UK and all require professionalism and tact in the interactions.

The role requires an individual that can speak about the company and represent the company confidently, professionally and portraying its accurate culture, competence and values to key stakeholders.

Position 2 - Medical Educator, Operations & Customer Satisfaction Manager

The Operations & Customer Satisfaction Manager will be responsible for the successful operations of our courses throughout the season, including managing the large team of teachers, logistics, equipment, customer information etc. They will also be responsible for following up with current students/clients to ensure satisfaction with the service received and understand what further needs they may have with their application.

The role requires an individual that is very approachable, that the team will want to follow as leader and has good project management skills. The large number of students and team members to manager requires good organisation, a real like for direct customer interactions and a warm and friendly attitude.

Necessary Requirement

The role is ideal for a doctor currently training in the UK who wishes for a career change into business. It is also ideal for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who wishes to join a growing start-up at a very exciting stage of its growth. It is also essential to have a real passion and aptitude for teaching as a significant portion of the role, at least in the first 6 months, includes a lot of teaching.