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We aim to provide you with a practical experience of going through a panel interview before your medical school interview. We cover all panel interview medical schools, as well as Oxford and Cambridge interviews. Just like our mock MMI circuit, it is designed for applicants who feel nearly ready to assess their preparation level. 

If you are beginning your preparation and need support on how to approach your medical interview questions, we recommend that you start with our small group medical school interview course. Our mock panel interview includes:

• Two experienced interviewers
• 20-25 minutes panel interview time
• 35-40 minutes of thorough panel feedback time
• Private setting (no other student shadowing)

• Actual past interview questions from the medical school(s) you are doing the mock for
• Personalised interview using your personal statement, your BMAT essay topic and other relevant elements, adjusted for each school
• Written feedback for your interview questions emailed to after your session

• Access to >3 hours of on-demand video teaching for Medical School interview Prep (Winner of 2019 Best Digital Innovation for Learning)
• Access to virtual teaching notes (equivalent to approx. 50 pages)


Our mock panel Medical School interview is the only one that uses a tailored set of medical school interview questions for each applicant.

A UCL medicine interview is quite different from an Oxbridge medicine interview or a panel interview at Queen Mary, University of London. A characteristic element of the Bart’s Medical School interview is a discussion about an article that you have received beforehand. Oxbridge interview questions often expect you to start from your scientific knowledge and reason about topics you may be much less familiar with, using problem-solving. A Cambridge medicine interview specifically often has an ethical scenario discussed. UCL medicine interview is often called a structured panel interview medical school. You can expect questions about your personal statement and your BMAT essay. We have only discussed a few medical schools here, all using panel interviews, but the difference in the style of questions is significant. Sheffield Medical School and Nottingham Medical School usually ask MMI interview questions but have elected to hold online panel interviews in 2021. It is likely to bring in a new style of panel interview questions, more alike multiple mini interview stations but in a panel format. 

With theMSAG mock panel interview, you will gain the experience of engaging with a conversation with two interviewers and maintaining your energy for 40 minutes. Most medical school interviews are 20 to 35 minutes, so this should be a good test. The style, questions and interviewers are adjusted to give you an optimal preparation. Most of the time, one of the interviewers will have attended the medical school you are interviewing for. 

After you purchase your mock panel interview, we will get in touch with you to confirm the medical school you want to tailor the mock for. We use a combination of our knowledge on the interview styles and questions from that school and your request to prepare a custom mock. You can opt to practice for up to two medical schools in one mock. You may also request specific question types you find more challenging to ensure that you get to practice them.


After your mock panel interview, we offer you feedback to ensure you have the tools to keep improving.

For 20 minutes, both tutors will go through specific feedback with you on all your answers, explicitly focusing on the scoring you would have got, your structure, verbal and non-verbal communication and content. They make notes on your responses so that they can point out specific words or phrases you need to rethink, identify ways in which you can improve your delivery and fluency.

A significant difference between an MMI interview and a panel interview is the long time you have to build rapport. This provides advantages but also a challenge where you do not get a second opportunity for a first impression. The interviewers will give you specific feedback on the first impression that you make and the rapport you develop with tips to improve.

We collate a feedback report that is shared with you by email shortly after your mock.

Our central team speaks with all interviewers after mocks are held and read the feedback report. They will be in touch with you via email the following week to provide further support with your preparation.

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