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  • When should I get a review?

    The Roles & Responsibilities Form Review service is best suited for applicants who have already completed a draft of their form.

    The right experiences and content is the most important part you should aim to include before sending it to us. If we do not know about your experiences, then it is hard to help you write about them better.

    If you have written a R&R form for a course other than Medicine, such as Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences, or any other subject, we can also do a review for you.

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  • How will the review be delivered?

    You can expect to see comments on every single line of your form. We will write the impression your sentence gives to an examiner. If we think it is good, we will say why specifically and if we think it can be improved, we will put a comment explaining why with specific suggestions and examples.

    If the content is good but the issue is more in the grammar, language or style, then you will see more edits directly on the form with tracked changes.

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  • Who will review my form?

    We care about your success just as much as you do, that is why we hand-pick our team of experienced doctors and medical students to carry out your review. Your form will be assessed by 2 independent reviewers, and the entire process is overseen by theMSAG founder herself, Dr Dibah Jiva.

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When placing your order, you choose the turnaround time in which you would like your work returned back to you via email. The options are 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.

Our team of highly experienced doctors and medical students are committed to helping you submit a form that clearly showcases your talent. We provide line-by-line feedback which ensures superior quality. We use 2 independent reviewers to check your work. Each editor will use their own perspective to enhance your writing and make sure nothing is missing. Our team strictly follow the criteria provided by Keele Medical School to ensure your form covers every basis. We will also help you to meet the word count limit.

We will not write the form from scratch for you. We ask you to send us a completed draft of your work and we will provide comprehensive feedback so you know exactly how to get to a competitive final draft. We will also make edits directly to your document using track changes so you can see all the changes that have been made. We leave lots of in-text comments which will clearly tell you if any information needs to be inserted / removed.

Yes. We do not share your work with anyone outside our organisation and it is securely handled. We have strict privacy policies which ensure confidentiality.

What is the The Roles & Responsibilities Form?

The Roles & Responsibilities Form is the most important factor for being shortlisted for a Keele Medical School interview as a "home fees status" student.

You will receive the form through a link on the Keele applicant portal on 7th November 2022. The deadline for the submission of this form is 11:59pm on Monday 21st November 2022.

Whilst you will use the same skills and techniques when writing the R&R form, it is not the same thing as your personal statement. Observed work experience is a crucial part of a personal statement, but in the R&R form it isn't given much credit as the focus is on what you have actually done - rather than seen. The admissions team are looking for personal experiences where you have developed and demonstrated skills which will help you in your future medical career. The focus should be on the insights you have gained from your experiences, rather than just listing everything you have done.

There are 5 different sections to fill in. For further guidance about what is required in each section please refer to the advice provided by Keele Medical School.