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Getting to know your needs and learning style


Education plan based on curriculum and weaknesses


Guided resources folder that matches your needs


Each session comes with a recording and progress report

Our A Level Chemistry tutors are undergraduates with strong Chemistry knowledge, PhD Chemistry students and medical school students. Our founder, Dr Jiva, handpicked them after an interview and trial lesson process. We selected them after passing a DBS check because of their passion for Chemistry, their ability to explain it, and their ability to create a supportive learning environment. We make sure that our A Level Chemistry tutors are highly qualified and experienced so they can best help their students. They use bespoke tutoring plans to equip students with the attention to detail, problem solving and test-taking skills they need to excel in A Level Chemistry.

  • The most personal, tailored experience

  • Inspiring role models: highly skilled tutors

  • A bespoke education plan and assessment

  • Guided resources matching your requirements

  • Post-lesson video recording and progress reports

We understand that every student has unique needs and learning styles, so we offer a customised approach. To discuss your needs, we are available via live chat, phone or email as late as 11 pm every day.

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    Posted by Hazel on March 17, 2023

    Team is responsive quickly

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    A Wonderful Experience Preparing For My Chemistry A-Level

    Posted by Neel S. on July 29, 2022

    Gilbert has been an excellent chemistry tutor!! My experience with a chemistry tutor before Gilbert was poor, but Dibah assured me that Gilbert would suit me. I find that the most effective teaching method is if I don't know the topic/ or have forgotten it, Gilbert would explain it concisely and make ways that I would remember it. After I understood the content, the next crucial part was the application. For this, I focused on doing past exam practice questions, which I found were challenging and would highlight to Gilbert the questions I had found hard, and then we would go through them in the session. I also feel that preparing for the exam was well organised with Dibah and the team, creating a tracking board where I could see which day I would finish each topic so I would be ready for the exam. Overall, the whole experience was terrific, and I can see why students who study in this strategic, systemic and organised method are guaranteed to get results! From my perspective, my health and focus did become very poor to the point where my eyes would close after five minutes of revising, get blurry, cold, collapse on the floor and zone out. Unfortunately, this meant I had to quit preparation. It was hard for the team and me. The team always accounted for and adapted to the situation by trying to give me shorter tutoring sessions - an hour instead of two hours, emailing me and checking my progress. They were also compassionate, caring, understanding and supportive, which helped me mentally and inspired me as they could see me for what I am and feel as a person rather than just a student studying. I am forever grateful for their help and wrote this review to show that even though I didn't go through with Chemistry, I learned how to plan sitting for a test and to listen to my body. When my health improves, I will start prep with the team for my GAMSAT exam. This experience gave me confidence in the team's abilities. Thank you, Gilbert, Dibah and the rest of the team!

  • 5

    Posted by Hazel F on February 28, 2022

    Extremely satisfied and confidence growing with each lesson from all the tutors.