A Level Maths Tutor

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Getting to know your needs and learning style


Education plan based on curriculum and weaknesses


Guided resources folder that matches your needs


Each session comes with a recording and progress report

Our lead maths tutor is Alex, an undergrad student at Oxford studying mathematics and statistics. Having written a book on high school level mathematics and tutored hundreds of students himself, he has the passion, skills and desire to make maths accessible and enjoyable for all students. To ace Maths A Level exams, he helps students improve their reading comprehension, deductive reasoning and mental arithmetic with bespoke tutoring plans. While acting as an inspiring role model from his own journey, he knows how to help A Level Maths students succeed, no matter their starting math ability or understanding.

  • The most personal, tailored experience
  • An inspiring role model, highly skilled tutor
  • A bespoke education plan and assessment
  • Guided resources matching your requirements
  • Post-lesson video recording and progress reports

Contact us to talk about the tutoring needs of your child or yourself. We have more than a decade of experience in tutoring for families.