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You’ve already taken the first step: you’ve decided you want to study medicine. So why do you need a mentor? Do the other 20,000 applicants who apply each year use a consultant? It’s well known that there is a large disparity in access to medical school in the UK. 80% of medical students come from roughly 20% of the sixth forms. What does that tell us? Accurate, up-to-date information with trained coaching makes a wealth of difference in a student’s outcome. So no, not all applicants use a consultant, but those who do have a great advantage. 

There are 3 key things you can expect to gain for the medicine consulting sessions:

  1. A great understanding of the different medicine programmes in the UK: their structure, style, advantages & disadvantages as well as the way they assess applications and select their students
  2. An honest opinion on your profile, its strengths and weaknesses, how you compare to other applicants and a clear plan on how to strengthen your medical school application 
  3. A clear understanding of how your profile and aspirations match the medical schools landscape and a clear idea of where you should apply to achieve your ambition and get admitted to medical school

Why choose Dr Dibah Jiva

  • Over 13 years of medical school admissions experience
  • Author of the best-selling Get into Medical School Guidebooks
  • Inspirational Women of the Year Finalist
  • Successfully guided +600 applicants with her consulting service
  • She has helped students with poor GCSEs, low BMAT/UCAT (UKCAT) results, unusual academic backgrounds and more

Dr Dibah Jiva's Guarantee

Accurate: The information given to you is always current and up-to-date. She updates the guidebook on an on-going basis with the help of a dedicated team. See what career advisers think of the advice in our Get into Medical School Application the Guidebook here.

Straightforward: about what she can and cannot do for you. With just a 1 hour session, she will give you a clear understanding of your chances and the plan you can follow to strengthen your application. 

Personal: Dibah is passionate about helping applicants. Once she meets you, you can continuously stay in touch with her for additional advice and updates via texts, Whatsapp and email. If it takes less than 15 minutes of work to answer your query, there is no cost.

What happens after I purchase my session?

Once you’ve registered for a consultation session, Dr. Jiva will send you a detailed questionnaire to fill in about their profile and will prepare your session accordingly so it’s personalized to you. 

She will then run a session via video conference. She usually recommends that in the session the student is accompanied by close relatives that support them in their application – this is often parents for undergraduate applicants, or a significant other or a friend for graduate applicants.

When is the best time to start?

The ideal time to have a consulting session is 1 to 2 years before applying. So if your application deadline is the 15th October 2022, we wish we met you by 2000. Why so early? Well, when you meet Dr Jiva early, there is a lot more that she can do with respect to helping you strengthen your medicine application. Also the earlier you understand how “the system” works, the better you can prepare yourself to jump through hoops. 

Despite the above being true, most students do get in touch within the year of their application and her success rate is still 100% getting her students in so she must be able to help you, even late! With dedication, there is always time to improve an application. The medical schools in the UK are so different from one another on how they select students for interviews that focusing on helping you choose where to apply with your profile is for most students the most crucial game changer in their application.

Did you know that some medical schools give you a guaranteed interview with a certain UCAT score and don’t look at the GCSEs at all while other programmes use almost solely the GCSEs to decide who they interview?. There are also those interesting programmes that require the UCAT to apply but then do not use the UCAT in choosing their applicants, yet it remains a requirement to have done it. There are over 30 programmes to navigate, soon to be over 40 with the new medical schools being built in the country so keeping track of all the subtle differences that affect your chances in each programme is no easy task to do one your own.   

International applicants

Dr Jiva has experience helping students get in who have the IB, various european baccalaureates, US and Canadian high school grades, Indian grades, as well as more than 10 other educational marking systems. She can help you understand the strength of your results compared with the medical school’s requirements. If you have a French Baccalaureate out of 20, you may think that there is an equivalent to your grade in British System. But unfortunately, it is not that simple. If you apply to UK medical schools with the French Baccalaureate, some medical schools will not accept it even if you are the top of your class, while some may require you to have an average of 16 and others an average of 14. This is true for grades from all educational systems where you cannot simply think about what is the equivalent British grade, but instead you need to find out for each programme how your achievements would be considered. Dr Jiva can speed this up for you 10 fold. 

Another consideration which is specific to international applicants is how to decide where to apply, as beyond the selection process, the competition ratio for internationals may be the most significant factor affecting your chances. On the medical schools website you will find how many international students they accept, as well as how many total applicants apply. But sadly, that does not tell you much about the competition within the international applicants pool. It is easy to get fooled and apply to a school that accepts 14 international students rather than one that accepts 4, but maybe the one that accepts 14 received 100 international applicants, while the one that accepts 4 only got 8 applications. These numbers are not correct but they illustrate a very real point which occur every year. Dr Jiva will help you understand where you have the best chances taking into account your fee status and the international competition ratios.


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    23 Sep 2022
    United Kingdom
    I recommend this product

    UCAT support

    We have had a very good experience of MSAG. My daughter has benefited from tutoring from talented and pleasant people who got to know her and really helped her. I was unsure how it would work with her dyslexia but it was very all very positive and suportive. In particular she had consultations and a personalised plan from Dr Jiva for the tutoring and her personal study. MSAG helped her to considerably improve her UCAT performance.

    30 Aug 2022
    Aabir C.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product

    Consultation with Dr Jiva

    Very good. Really informative about the nuances of each medical school. Good advice.

    28 May 2022
    Assad I.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product

    Good advise provided by Dr. Dibah

    Dr. Dibah provided very good insights to UK Medical education system covering entry requirements in different universities.

    24 Apr 2022
    Kuwait Kuwait
    I recommend this product


    Our experience withDr.Dibah was ecellent. Very informative. She clarified all our doubts. She gave a overall idea about all the medical universities in UK, their expectations ,the requirements for admission ,and the chances of the candidate in securing admission. UCAT practice sessions by her experienced coaches are encouraging and useful. It has given lot of confidence to my son . Thanks a lot