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Boost your A-levels, UCAT score, Personal Statement and interview skills. The hours never expire. Share them with your friends. 

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One-to-one sessions with a senior reviewer


Focus on the areas you want to improve


Review your chosen university marking scheme


Feedback on structure, content and application to medicine

Embark on your journey to medical school with the best foot forward. Your personal statement isn't just words on paper—it's a testament to your passion, commitment, and suitability for a career in medicine. Recognising its pivotal role in your application, our personal statement tutoring service ensures your statement resonates with admissions tutors.

Already Have a Draft? If you've finished writing your personal statement, we recommend trying our Personal Statement Review Service first. It's designed to give feedback and polish what you've already crafted, ensuring it's the best it can be.



  1. Tailored Sessions: Our sessions are bespoke, crafted to suit your individual requirements. Begin with a minimum of an hour and extend as required. Choose to spread your sessions across days to best accommodate your busy schedule.

  2. From First Word to Final Draft: Starting your personal statement can be daunting, and refining it can be just as challenging. Whether you're staring at a blank page or have a draft that needs polishing, our tutors are here to guide you at every step. We'll help you structure your thoughts, fine-tune your content, and ensure every section aligns with the standards expected by medical schools.

  3. Seasoned Tutors: Our tutors stand out, not merely for their expertise but for their personal journeys. Each one is either pursuing medical studies or has already donned the doctor's coat. They've navigated the very process you're embarking on, making them perfectly poised to guide you through crafting narratives that resonate with the ethos of medical schools.

  4. Reflective Content Analysis: Drawing from your work experience, voluntary roles, and extra-curricular activities, we guide you in delving deep into personal reflections to extract meaningful insights. Together, we'll craft a narrative that not only resonates with your unique journey but also adheres meticulously to the character count requirements.



  • Better Chances: We'll help you increase your odds of getting into medical school.
  • Peace of Mind: With our help, you'll know your personal statement genuinely tells your story and stands out.
  • Save Time: We've got a clear plan to make sure you craft your statement without any unnecessary delays.
  • Learn & Grow: You won't just get a great personal statement. You'll also improve your writing and learn more about yourself—skills that'll serve you well in medicine.
  • 5
    Lovely tutoring

    Posted by Michelle Everitt on November 4, 2021

    We had a lovely session with Rachel. She was so helpful, supportive and encouraging. It made a huge difference in how my son approached writing his personal statement and his confidence as an applicant.

  • 5
    Personal Statement for US Residency

    Posted by Maninder Virdee on October 18, 2021

    As with previous experience, amazing and first class editing and tutoring service. By far the very best!

  • 5
    Medical School Personal Statement S Review

    Posted by Joseph mensah on October 27, 2019

    very good indeed, i appreciate you insight and help

  • 5
    Medical school personal statement tutoring

    Posted by Humna S. on September 25, 2019

    The advice given was tailored to specific places I was applying which is very useful. Overall, the entire process was extremely efficient and easy to navigate. I would recommend, especially as response rate is extremely quick which is invaluable for tight early application deadlines.