Medical School Interview Courses

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all in-person classes will now be delivered live online instead.


•  8 hoursof interactive teaching time

•  Comprehensive coverage of all interview question types:
         •  Motivation
         •  Ethics
         •  SJT - duties of a doctor scenarios
         •  NHS values - giving examples
         •  Role plays
         •  NHS insights
         •  Giving opinions
         •  Hot topics
         •  Special stations

•  “Hot seat” practice - each student will answer 4 to 6 interview condition questions and observe many more
•  Video of practice + feedback to take home
•  Interview course workbook
•  Section on how to structure your answers
•  MMI & Panel interview question style
•  Support after the course
•  Access to an award-winning online interview course
•  Small group - max 12 students



  • Any Saturday from 31st October - 27th February:  8:30 AM - 6 PM at 8 locations


  • Option 1:   Mon-Thursday, 2 hours per day (5-7 PM)
  • Option 2:   Mon-Thursday, 2 hours per day (7-9 PM)
  • Option 3:   Saturday, 8 hours (8:30 AM - 6 PM)
  • Option 4:   Sunday, 8 hours (8:30 AM - 6 PM)

Estimated COURSE TIMings

Session Duration
Registration 15 minutes
What are they looking for? Explore the marking schemes & interview style of where you are applying 45 minutes
Motivation questions - Practice & Coaching 1 hour
How to structure your answers 30 minutes
GMC duties of a doctor& NHS values - Practice & Coaching 1 hour
Lunch 45 minutes
Medical Ethics - Approaching scenarios & Practice 1 hour
NHS Structure & Challenges - interactive teaching 45 minutes
NHS Hot topics discussion 30 minutes
Break 15 minutes
Role plays - Approach & Practice 1 hour
Data, calculation, picture, article, video, task stations - Approach & Practice 1 hour
Group Task 30 minutes
Feedback and wrap up 30 minutes


Our courses can be quite oversubscribed, as such we try to make additional courses available in the same location. If there is an additional course, you’ll see it labelled as “Room 2” or “Room 3”. Each room is taught the same material and will have the same number of facilitators.


Whether you have an upcoming panel or multiple mini interview, this course will give you the invaluable opportunity to be taught and receive first-hand information on what you can expect from professionals involved in the interview process across the country.

We also provide you with a question bank of frequently asked questions, which you can practice answering on the spot. 

All of this means that, whether you’re about to encounter a traditional interview or an MMI circuit, you will walk into that interview room confident and prepared for what’s about to come!


The medical school interview is the place where you can make a lasting impression to the admissions panel. It is also the deciding factor as to whether or not you are about to begin your medical school career. So make sure you are ready to ace the medical school interview and secure that coveted spot at medical school with our full-day medical school interview preparation course, where we help you improve your interview techniques. 

Students who have attended our medical school interview course are being offered places at some of the top medical schools in the UK, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London and more.

•  Small class sizes:With a maximum of 12 students per class and 2 facilitators, the small group size and interactive nature mean that our students get the opportunity to practice all day delivering answers and receive individual feedback. 

•  Up-to-date information: The medical school interview course is updated each year, and thus the most up-to-date hot topics in healthcare that are relevant to your medical school interview will also be covered. 

•  All interview types:Each course is tailored to the particular group of 12 students attending the course that day. We start by covering the marking schemes and question types at the medical school the students on that day are applying to and then delve into structure and practice for the rest of the day, making sure we continuously provide you with personalised tips and advice, depending on your medical schools of choice.

•  MMI preparation:We have improved our course structure by increasing the amount of practice offered, so each student who attends can now do a minimum of between 6 to 8 MMI practice stations during the course as well as take part in a group task. During their timed practice, students will be videoed and will later be able to take the recording of their practice and feedback home, along with the marking schemes. 


Over the last 5 years, we have an incredible 98.5% success rate. This means that 98.5% of the students who attended our Interview and MMI Courses have later gone on to receive an offer after their medical school interview. Follow in their footsteps and get into the medical school you want! 

Our full-day medical interview courses are facilitated both by experienced medical doctors and senior medical students, who have the benefit of recent medical school interview experience. Additionally, 8 of our facilitators have sat or are currently sitting on interview panels at medical schools all throughout the UK.

trusted by schools


Founder and CEO Dr Dibah Jiva running part of an interview course at Hymers College.


As seen in our core values, our company puts a big emphasis on making the world of medicine as accessible as possible.  We work towards that goal by providing financial aid and full scholarships for all of our products and services. 

If you are in need of financial assistance, please send an email to and we will get in touch to get the process started!

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