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The medical school interview is the place where you can make a lasting impression to the admissions panel. It is also the deciding factor as to whether or not you are about to begin your medical school career. So make sure you are ready to ace the medical school interview and secure that coveted spot at medical school with our full-day medical school interview preparation course, where we help you improve your interview techniques.

Students who have attended our medical school interview course are being offered places at some of the top medical schools in the UK, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London and more.

Over the last 5 years,we have an incredible 98.5% success rate. This means that 98.5% of the students who attended our Interview and MMI Courses have later gone on to receive an offer after their medical school interview. Follow in their footsteps and get into the medical school you want! 

Our full-day medical interview courses are facilitated both by experienced medical doctors and senior medical students, who have the benefit of recent medical school interview experience. Additionally, 8 of our facilitators have sat or are currently sitting on interview panels at medical schools all throughout the UK. 

Whether you have an upcoming panel or multiple mini interview, this course will give you the invaluable opportunity to be taught and receive first-hand information on what you can expect going into your interview by professionals involved in the interview process across the country.

In our full-day medical school interview course, we coach you on how to approach all the different types of interview questions and MMI stations you are likely to encounter at your interview. We also provide you with a question bank of frequently asked questions, which you can practice answering on the spot. 

The course is not lecture-based but rather an interactive full-day practice, where you are taught techniques, strategies, and how to structure your answers, incorporating mock interview questions all throughout. It gives you real interview experience and helps you improve your abilities throughout the day. 

We also provide you with customised feedback all throughout the day based on your answers and performance throughout the course, as well as written feedback at the end of the day. What’s more, we will provide you with video feedback of your mock interview answers, so that you are able to go home and replay any particularly good answers you gave or any especially challenging tasks you were faced with, in order to review the successful techniques required and your own performance. 

All of this means that, whether you’re about to encounter a traditional interview or an MMI circuit, you will walk into that interview room confident and prepared for what’s about to come!

What to expect

  • Small class sizes:With a maximum of 12 students per class and 2 facilitators, the small group size and interactive nature mean that our students get the opportunity to practice all day delivering answers and receive individual feedback. 
  • Up-to-date information:The medical school interview course is updated each year, and thus the most up-to-date hot topics in healthcare that are relevant to your medical school interview will also be covered. 
  • All interview types:Each course is tailored to the particular group of 12 students attending the course that day. We start by covering the marking schemes and question types at the medical school the students on that day are applying to and then delve into structure and practice for the rest of the day, making sure we continuously provide you with personalised tips and advice, depending on your medical schools of choice.
  • MMI preparation:For the 2019/2020 season, we have improved our course structure by increasing the amount of practice offered, so each student who attends can now do a minimum of between 6 to 8 MMI practice stations during the course as well as take part in a group task. During their timed practice, students will be videoed and will later be able to take the recording of their practice and feedback home, along with the marking schemes. 
  • theMSAG workbook:You are also provided with theMSAG workbook on the day of your course, which includes tips on how to approach the most common interview questions and allows you to keep all of the important information you learned on the day neat and organised in one place.
  • Included access to our Award-Winning Online Interview Course and NHS Hot Topics Series 1 (RRP £25):Before the course, you will be provided access to our award-winning online interview course that features videos to help you prepare for answering questions on the course day. They are a fantastic supplement to your course that you will always have access to for a quick refresher.

    Course timetable

     Time Session
    8:30 - 8:45 Registration
    8:45 - 9:30 What are they looking for? Explore the marking schemes & interview style of where you are applying
    9:30 - 10:30 Motivation questions - Practice & Coaching 
    10:30 - 11:00 How to structure your answers
    11:00- 12:00 GMC duties of a doctor & NHS values - Practice & Coaching
    12:00 - 12:45 Lunch
    12:45 - 13:45 Ethics - Approaching scenarios & Practice
    13:45 - 14:30 NHS Structure & Challenges - interactive teaching
    14:30 - 15:00 NHS Hot topics discussion
    15:00 - 15:15 Break
    15:15 - 16:15 Role plays - Approach & Practice
    16:15 - 17:15 Data, calculation, picture, article, video, task stations - Approach & Practice
    17:15 - 17:45 Group Task
    17:30 - 18:00 Feedback and wrap up


    Course availability

    Our courses can be quite oversubscribed, as such we try to make additional courses available in the same location. If there is an additional course, you’ll see it labelled as “Room 2” or “Room 3”. Each room is taught the same material and will have the same number of facilitators.

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      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product
      Really well organised

      I went to my first course very apprehensive as I was unsure of how to progress in my performance. The course facilitators were very knowledgable and useful in terms of strategising how to present. Whilst I found the knowledge to be things I had looked at I found the perspectives of the facilitators invaluable. The practise was also extensive and gave me plenty of ideas on how to improve further and where to direct my practise.

      Caroline G.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product
      Very helpful course!

      The first course I’ve been on that’s specific to individual students. I found it really helpful to learn the structure techniques when answering questions. The tutors have a really nice and warm energy.

      Misan K.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product

      Very friendly and helpful tutors They obviously knew their stuff

      Aimée T.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product
      Feedback interview course

      overall really helpful. As someone who didn’t do any training before it was really helpful for me to get some basic knowledge of the different stations of MMIs and the different technics for me to continue working on my own.


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      • I did not receive my confirmation email with my order!

        Be sure to check your junk mail, just in case! If you find that you still do not have the confirmation email please email our team at hello@themsag.comand we will get a new confirmation email sent over to you.

      • Should I go for the full-day Medical School Interview Course or the half-day MMI Circuit Course?

        Over 90% of our students attend both, the full day interview course and the half day MMI circuit. However, if for budget or logistics reason, you want to attend only one, we recommend strongly that you attend the full day interview course. The full day interview course has been designed to really prepare students for all MMI stations step by step, learning how to approach various types of questions/stations and having the opportunity to practice and get feedback on perfromance. It really is a full day of practice, combined with coaching on structure, approach and feedback throughout. The class size is maximum 12 and as we have 2 tutors on site all day, most of the practice is divided in even smaller groups of only 6 students with a tutor. This leaves plenty of opportunity for individual interaction. 

        Each student will do 6 to 8 MMI stations throughout the day as timed practice and receive feedback which is very valuable rigth after being taught how to appraoch questions. The practice and feedback is videoed for the student to take home and marking schemes will be available to take home as well. We have seen, year after year, that the full day course is where the students improve their skills the most. The full day course also comes with pre-course material that you get access to, including all the info you need to know on NHS, medical ethics etc. and multiple 10-minute videos teaching on the content.

        The MMI circuit is probably best after you have done the course first or for students that already feel quite well prepared. The half day MMI circuit is really there to give students a realistic practice of an MMI circuit and most importantly, practice questions that are used by the medical or dental schools a student may be applying to. If you are applying to Manchester Medical School, then in the half day MMI circuit, you will get past Manchester questions etc. This is great for tailored practice before the real interviews but if a student attends the MMI circuit before having done enough interview preparation, they will not improve much by doing just an MMI circuit, hence the course is better to do first.

      • Are these courses for veterinary students?

        We have had many veterinary students come over the years. For the interview course day, it is not designed for veterinary students but many have come and found it very helpful. Most of the course will be absolutely relevant and we have prepared tailored veterinary ethical scenarios, roles plays and other stations so that for vet applicants, we will use veterinary questions throughout for your practice. 

        You also have the option of attending our half day MMI circuit instead of the full day interview course if you prefer. In the half day MMI circuit, all the questions you will get will be past questions from veterinary medicine MMIs. However, in the same way that medical applicants benefit a lot from attending the full day course before attending the MMI, so that they can learn the approach to the different stations first, Veterinary students will benefit in the same way from the full day course. 

        If you have any doubt or want to discuss what may work best for you, get in touch with us by email at hello@themsag.com

      • Are these courses for dental students?

        Yes, our interview courses and MMI circuits are for both medical and dental students.

      • I can’t get to your course venue. Can I attend via video call?

        Due to the nature of the course, you are not able to video-in. One of the best things about our course is that the whole day is interactive, involving moving around and group work. We are expanding the locations in which we provide courses. If you want a course near where you live, get in touch with us and we may be able to set it up with enough notice. 

        We also hav plenty of digital options to prepare remotely. Our Online Interview Course won the award of Best Digital Innovation in 2019 - use it from home and find out why it's so good. We also have our Interview Guidebook that looks in detail at 130 questions used in medical schools in last few years and was put together with the input of 8 interviewers from various medical schools. We are also able to teach through the same sessions as provided in the medical school interview preparation course via video tutoring. Also, remember to check our FREE blogs for interview advice you can read from anywhere!