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Our Mock MMI Circuits continue until the end of February 2022.

We offer a 4-hour circuit with two different starting times on Saturdays or Sundays. You can view all available dates and times by clicking on the button below!

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Available Circuit Dates & Times


Before you start training for a career in healthcare, you have to successfully go through the medical school admissions process: which includes your medicine interview. Our online mock MMI circuit will prepare you for your interview day with a realistic mock interview. We recommend our MMI circuit practice for students who have attended our medical school interview course first or students who have already prepared on their own, have strong communication skills and feel “quite ready”.

If you are just getting started, it is best to begin with our live medical school interview course. There, you will learn how to structure your answers, how to approach all multiple mini interview questions and gain feedback from our interview coaches. The course also covers panel interviews fully. Our multiple mini interview practice  includes:

• Ten MMI stations personalised for each applicant
• Spectate ten additional stations (total of 20)
• All questions are real, previously asked questions from your chosen university.

• Your performance against the mark schemes for each station is emailed to you after your circuit.
• Detailed verbal feedback on your body language, structure and content for each station.
• Access to >4.5 hours of on-demand video teaching for Medical School interview Prep (Winner of 2019 Best Digital Innovation for Learning)
• Access to virtual teaching notes (equivalent to approx. 50 pages)





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  • Option 1:   AM Course (9 AM - 1 PM) Saturday or Sunday
  • Option 2:   PM Course (2 PM - 6 PM) Saturday or Sunday


Practising MMI interview questions, especially past questions from the universities with which you have interviews coming up, is helpful if you have already done some preparation. The MMI circuit is a mock and thus can be seen as a “test”. If you have not prepared, it can feel discouraging going from one station to another, finding it difficult to know how to approach the scenarios. Suppose you do not feel confident with your interviews or are just beginning your preparation. In that case, we recommend you start with our interview course to develop your critical thinking and communication skills and are able to deliver eloquent answers first.

Not all students need to attend the interview course first. You may be a naturally good communicator or may have prepared with self-studying or with your school. If that is the case, you may find that testing yourself with the interview stations in our mock MMI works very well for you. 

You can expect to be interviewed by an experienced team. Unlike some commercial MMI circuits that are exclusively run by medical students, theMSAG MMI circuit guarantees a mixture of medical students and qualified doctors. Many of our team members have been interviewers in Medical or Dental Schools, and we believe in total transparency, which is why you can read about the experience and professional background of each tutor at the bottom of this page.

At the end of the MMI circuit, you can expect to have a much clearer understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and you will also be able to use the written marking schemes and verbal feedback from the tutors to continue preparing after the interview circuit. Many applicants have told us that the style of questions they faced in their interviews was precisely like what they experienced with us, with some stations being the same. This familiarity goes a long way to give you an extra boost for the day you need to perform.



There are two essential best practices we follow to ensure that you have a realistic MMI circuit with theMSAG.

The first element is that we stay up to date ourselves on how medical schools run their interviews. Every week, we check-in with the medical schools on updates about their interview plans for 2021/2022 - such as whether they plan to do online interviews or face-to-face. We offer a competitive advantage, as most of the information we find out from the medical schools are not on their website yet. We apply everything we learn about the interview format, expected station types and question styles right away.

The second element is our obsession with replicating your experience - making it as close to the real thing as possible. Other companies' MMI circuits often put you in pairs and get you to alternate who is answering the question at each station. They also, for the most part, give you feedback right away at the station once you finish answering. Although it would be easier logistically to offer an MMI circuit where you get feedback right away in a similar manner, it is not a realistic representation of your actual interview.

At theMSAG MMI circuit, you will do all ten stations in a row. It allows you to build the stamina to do this in the real interview. It will teach you how to make sure you leave what just happened behind and start fresh in a new station, even without having received the feedback yet. Only once you have completed the whole mock MMI, then you will go around the interviewers again and get your feedback. Other details that help make sure you get a realistic experience is that we ask you to dress like you would for the real interview and of course, we use actual past questions from the Medical and Dental schools.


We have been collecting past questions for nine years now, mainly from speaking to applicants after their interviews. When we collect interview questions in a given season, we will NOT use those questions within the same application year. It is essential to ensure no fair disadvantage between students,so we do not undermine the work of the medical schools. So any questions we collect throughout the season for this year are only used in next year's MMI circuits.

Past questions are only one factor we use in building your tailored circuit. Medical schools published up-to-date guidance all the time. For instance, last year, a few Med Schools have mentioned that they will be asking about the COVID pandemic or vaccinations and its impact on various groups of people. On top of real past questions from the previous years, we also use all the up-to-date information shared by the Medical and Dental schools about this year’s process to adjust the questions.

Finally, we also offer you the option to “mould” your mock. So if you want to practice specific types of stations that you know you struggle with or if you want tailored stations with specific types of questions on your BMAT essay or personal statement, we also prepare that for you.


The MMI interview course length is 4 hours. This includes the following elements:

  • Your MMI Circuit  
  • Your MMI circuit feedback round
  • Shadowing another student’s MMI circuit
  • Shadowing the other student’s feedback round

Everyone’s mock interview must start on time - so please make sure you join the session on time or a few minutes early to avoid the risk of missing any part.


We offer feedback in three distinct ways.

Firstly, you will have a feedback round after your mock MMI. You will go back to “see” each interviewer and get specific verbal feedback on your performance. They will cover all aspects including your approach, confidence, fluency, structure, non-verbal communication and content.

Secondly, the Monday following your MMI circuit, you are sent written marking schemes. They have a breakdown of the critical content and structure you should use and the notes the interviewer wrote about your performance for each station that you practised.

Finally, one of our central team members speaks with all the tutors about each applicant after an MMI circuit, reads all the feedback forms (Marking schemes) and sends you an email the following week with advice about how to continue your preparation before your interview date.

We believe in getting to know our students and providing a personal service. We are happy to speak with you and/or your family after your circuit to help you in making the best plan for you. We remain available for further support by email until you receive the offers that you want.


This half-day course is led by experienced doctors who have practised in the NHS, senior medical students and medical education professionals that apply their knowledge and experience from getting into medical school themselves.


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