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The MMI is an integral part of your upcoming medical school interview. Don’t get caught flat-footed and unprepared: get ready to ace your Multiple Mini Interview by taking the MSAG’s MMI course!

Our MMI preparation course is a half-day mock MMI circuit, tailored to each applicant’s needs. You’ll be able to complete a circuit of 10 full stations with sample questions from the schools YOU are applying for, and then observe another 10 full stations. Unlike other MMI courses, we make sure that you’ll see completely different stations when you observe compared to when you participate... that means in total, you are exposed to 20 different MMI stations. Our goal is to make sure you get an authentic, honest experience of your medical school MMI. At the end of the circuit, you’ll receive a video copy of your performance as well as the feedback provided by our facilitators. In addition to this, you’ll receive a written copy of your performance marked against a mark scheme.

At a glance:

98% Success Rate for last year’s students

We personalise our MMI circuit for each applicant

Receive an authentic, MMI Style Interview

Get exposure to 20 unique MMI stations

Half-day course run by experienced facilitators

Video copy of your performance and feedback

What to expect:

    • Personalised 10 station MMI circuit, unique to each applicant
    • Opportunity to see 20 different MMI stations
    • Stations based on previous university stations
    • Detailed feedback both in video format and written marking schemes
    • Experienced facilitators providing feedback


Q | How many questions will be based on my Personal Statement? 

Each MMI circuit is personalised to the applicant. This means you can have as many or as few personal statement questions as you would like. If you’re unsure about how many questions specific universities will ask, we can advise you, just let us know!

Q | Are the stations specific to each university? 

Yes, all the MMI stations are based on previous questions asked at the university interviews. We can tailor the number of stations to the specific university you want to focus on. Our goal is to provide you with the best MMI preparation available.

If you’d like to try more personalised questions from your chosen, or different universities, consider signing up for one of our MMI circuit half days. Here you can choose to have an MMI round all tailored to one university or you could have a question each from 10 different universities!

Q | When will I receive my feedback? 

You’ll receive your video feedback immediately at the end of the circuit. This will contain the video recording of your performance as well as the feedback provided by the facilitators. You will also receive a copy of your typed up feedback via email by the end of the same day.

Q | How long does the circuit last? 

Our MMI circuits run in both the morning and afternoon. Our morning circuit runs from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and our afternoon circuit runs from 2:30 pm to 6 pm.

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Great course. Very helpful in giving an idea as to what MMIs are like and the style of questioning, conduct and answering techniques.


Great way to practice

The circuit was an excellent tool to facilitate preparation for my interviews. The verbal and written feedback were both invaluable, it highlighted areas that I needed to focus on so that I could improve my technique. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has upcoming interviews!


Very good experience

The MMI circuit really helped me to know how I need to progress in my practice for interviews.


Invaluable practice

I attended the full day course and the MMI circuit with the MSAG; both boosted my interview performance without a doubt! The interviewers were all very honest, knowledgeable and excellent at offering tailored, constructive feedback. Having the mark schemes and filmed answers/feedback to work with after the courses was extremely useful too. Both the full day course and circuit are very intense, and the Novotel room can be a bit crowded so if you're thinking of going on this course, make sure you're feeling well rested on the day! Then again, having a few (or a lot) of very intense days are a part and parcel of going into medicine right? :) I would highly recommend this course to prospective applicants. I went from having an awful interview technique to being accepted at Warwick and King's for GEM this cycle. Thank you so much!


Really useful experience

It was extremely useful as the MMI circuit highlighted what I needed to improve on my answers and helped to boost my confidence. The interviewers were all really supportive and during interview helped to mimick how an actual interviewer would be like so overall really useful if you have a medical interview coming up!