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Your personal statement is a crucial part of the application process and an important piece of writing. It allows you to distinguish yourself from the crowd by connecting your life, work experience/shadowing and extracurriculars with your desire to become a medic. Alongside the BMAT, UCAT, your A-Levels and other entry requirements and selection criteria, the UCAS personal statement is essential for your medical school application. theMSAG has edited and reviewed statements from hundreds of prospective medical students, and we’re proud to say we have an incredibly high success rate! We offer extensive options and top tips to help you work your way towards a career in medicine.

If you’re wondering how to write a medicine personal statement or struggling with the final product, our admissions tutors can help! We’ll pair you up with one of our most senior and experienced mentors. They’ll help you express yourself with focus and practice time management, developing your communication skills.

If you’ve already written your statement and are anxious about how it will hold up to professional scrutiny, our review service is ideal. We’ll mark your personal statement examples against the scheme and criteria of your chosen school, so the review is as authentic as possible. From the opening paragraph, to that closing sentence, we’ll help you stand out. The final result will be a successful medicine personal statement!

Take your time and check out our services: we’ll help you with writing a personal statement and get you into med school in no time! If you have any questions, send us an email: we’re here to help.

We also have a full series of Personal Statement Blogs to help you tell your story in the most effective way: everything from when to start your UCAS application to how to include work experience or teamwork in your personal statement.

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Personal Statement Live Online Course

• ½ day (3 hours) live online teaching taught by Dr Dibah Jiva
• Understanding of medical school marking schemes
• Learn what differentiates an excellent vs. average PS
• Brainstorm, structure and reflect on your extracurricular activities and work experience (eg care home)
• Use knowledge of the NHS to articulate your understanding of the medical profession
• Understanding skills of a good doctor (such as problem solving) and how to demonstrate your competency on this future career path

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• Detailed line-by-line feedback from 2 independent Expert Editors
• Examples provided with improved concision or better insights and reflection
• Marked against marking schemes of the Medical school (or Dental school) of your choice, including Oxbridge
• Adapted to your own requirements, including for graduate entry medicine

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Personal Statement Tutoring

• 1-1 tutoring sessions with our senior reviewers with flexible hours
• Feedback using the University criteria and marking scheme of your choice
• Review of structure, content and relevance to the field of medicine or healthcare

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