Medicine Personal Statement Review

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  • Our PS team will review your final draft in full, providing line by line feedback in a constructive way. We will help you to create an authentic Medicine Personal Statement to meet the competitive criteria for Medicine. Two reviewers offers an uncomparable quality!

What'S included?

  • Detailed line-by-line feedback
  • Review by 2 independent Expert Editors
  • Comments and track changes on word document
  • Examples provided with improved concision or better insights and reflection
  • Feedback on Content, Structure, Language and Grammar
  • Marked against marking schemes of the Medical school (or Dental school) of your choice
  • Need it Asap? <12 hrs, <24 hrs turnaround available
  • Standard turnaround time - 48 to 72 hours max

    When is the best time to do a Review?

    The Medicine Personal Statement review service is best suited for students who have completed their medical school personal statement final draft.

    If you are still in the process of writing your personal statement, thinking about what to include or how to structure it then the Personal Statement Course  - 3 hrs with Dr Jiva - is the best support for you.

    Once you are happy with the content and the overall structure and you feel that you have written the best personal statement that you can, then sending it for a detailed review by us is perfect.

    The right experiences and the right content is the most important part you should aim to include before sending it to us. If you are happy with what is in your personal statement, but it is still too long or you do not like the style of writing, this is something we can help with in the review. But if we do not know about your experiences, then it is hard to help you write about them better.

    If you have written a personal statement for a course other than Medicine, such as Dentistry, Veterinary sciences or any other subject, we can also do a personal statement review for you.



    By the end of the review, you should expect to have a very clear assessment of your personal statement, as well as concrete suggestions for improvement.

    You can expect to see some comments on every line of your PS. We will write the impression your sentence gives to an examiner. If we think it is good, we will say why specifically and if we think it can be improved, we will put a comment explaining why with specific suggestions and examples of how it can be improved. So you can expect very concrete guidance on how to improve line by line.

    If the content is good but the issue is more in the grammar, language or style, then you will see more edits directly on the personal statement with track changes.

    Separate from the line by line feedback, we also do a structure analysis helping you see what structure you have used and if necessary, we use your content and suggest a more appropriate structure. Since it is done with your content, it is very easy to implement. The greatest impact of this is to be able to fit in more content in the limited space.

    Finally, you can also expect an overall marking of your personal statement against our marking scheme which we have developed to encompass the marking scheme of most schools. And we will also mark it against the marking scheme of up to 4 schools of your choice.

    We stay in touch with you after, so if you want or need any further clarification on the comments or track changes provided, we can provide further clarification free of charge.

    *The cost covers ONE full detailed review by 2 reviewers and any clarifications needed afterwards. For a second full detailed review, it is charged separately.



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      29 Oct 2020
      Riya K.
      India India
      I recommend this product

      The best out there!

      I got mine reviewed twice, and was amazed by the sheer attention to detail that the team gave my personal statement. They also greatly helped me improve mine overnight. They do abide by their promised turnover time and offer support via emails! Highly recommend.

      06 Nov 2019
      Alexandra J.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product


      I had my personal statement reviewed 3 times by the MSAG team and I have to say everyone went above and beyond my expectation. The level of detail and care taken to give me constructive notes and help cutting down words was amazing. So much care was also taken to understand what I wanted to get across in my statement and help me to develop this into a good piece. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend this review service.

      22 Oct 2019
      nighat k.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product

      Personal Statement review

      Dr Jiva’ s team helped me immensely with my personal statement . They ensured that I had addressed all the key areas and offered constructive feedback on how to improve my statement . They also helped me in reducing the word count. I would highly recommend MSAG.

      22 Oct 2019
      Isabella H.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product

      Personal Statement Review

      I could not recommend this service more! The feedback was detailed and extremely constructive. Despite using the express service, Dr Jiva and her team thoroughly reviewed my personal statement and improved it immensely! They were also very quick at responding to emails which was very comforting with the deadline looming. The marking scheme made me look at my PS in a different way and I could not recommend this exceptional service more!

      Personal statement Review - Details

      Content Review

      The content of your personal statement for Medicine is very different than a personal statement for most other university courses.

      Is your passion coming across well? Are the skills required as a doctor, described in the GMC specifications well evidenced in your personal statement? Do you show a realistic insight into the profession? Are you listing your experiences or truly demonstrating insights unique and personal to you from them?

      We assess the content of your personal on a micro level, looking at how you approach specific examples and points that you make, and on the macro level, looking for the right balance of content overall in the personal statement.

      Every applicant has good grades, work experience, volunteering and extracurricular so a specific experience is not going to make the difference. It is what you say about it and how you write it that makes your personal statement great.

      Structure Review

      Analysing the structure used, and recommending improvement in this structure is done separately from the line by line feedback and is very important for 2 main reasons:

      The first one is that 4000 characters is not a lot of space so if you don’t have a well thought through structure, the amount of content you can fit into your personal statement for Medical School becomes limited. For example if you talk about communications skills that you observed in a GP experience in one part and then you mention communication skills related to your experience teaching in a different part, you are now reflecting on communication skills TWICE, wasting valuable space. There is a better way to approach this!

      The second reason is that the traditional structure that has one paragraph about your motivation, one about your work experience, one about your volunteering and one about your extra-curricular activities really does not work well for Medicine personal statements (nor Dentistry personal statements). So we help you identify the key skills and insights you portray in your personal statement and arrange them in a good flowing structure. You can expect a specific table showing you the current structure vs. the recommended one for you, using your examples in the review.

      Language Review

      The language review includes grammar, concision, style and general flow of language as well as the choice of words. The personal statement needs to be your voice so using very flourished language that sounds unnatural is not recommended. At the same time, it is a professional piece of writing, not a letter to your mates, so the language needs to remain professional. We will put feedback about language throughout the line by line review.

      Regarding style, concision and grammar, we tend to make changes directly on the document using track changes in at least a few paragraphs so that you have good examples to follow and fix all areas.

      If the personal statement you give us to review has very good content, then we will make language, grammar and style changes on it to help get it to a final version. However, if there is a lot of work needed on the content and the structure, then the feedback will prioritise focusing on the above as there is no point making a sentence sound perfect if it does not have all the information it needs in it first.

      Most students send their personal statement at least twice and the first time we do a review, we do some language edits but there is a greater focus on comments to help with the content and the structure. The second review tends to be more focused on the flow, making the paragraphs more concise and getting it final. This is not the same for all personal statements and we will adapt according to what is needed for yours.

      Marking Schemes

      Last but not least, at the bottom of your personal statement review, you can expect your personal statement marked against 5 marking schemes.

      The first marking scheme is theMSAG marking scheme and has been designed to be a good balance of what all the medical schools look for.

      The next 4 markings schemes, will be marking schemes from the universities you are applying to. You just need to let us know where you plan to apply and we will use the marking scheme from there in your review. You will be able to see a score per category for each school.

      Do I need a Course or just a Review?

      You may be wondering if it is better for you to send us a draft for detailed review or if you should instead come to the personal statement course by Dr Jiva. 

      Our recommendation is that it really depends on what stage you are at in writing your personal statement for Medical school. Attending the class does not remove the need for a detailed review later, it however often reduces the total number of reviews needed. 

      If you are confident with your structure, what to include, what not to include in your Medicine Personal statement, then it is best to write your final draft on your own and send it directly for detailed review, without attending the class first. You may be getting help at school so you may really just need a good look once it is nearly final to help you improve it or to make sure it passes the scrutiny of medical school admissions. 

      The personal statement course is taught by Dr Jiva, who has reviewed over 1000 personal statements herself and had years of experience with writing personal statements. She coaches career advisers in schools on their personal statement review skills. It is perfect to attend before you write your draft, when you have a lot of ideas but maybe are not sure how to get the best structure or are struggling with how to express your reflections and insights. 

      If you have written a draft already but have followed quite a traditional structure of a paragraph on your work experience, a paragraph on volunteering and a paragraph on extra-curricular experiences, then attending the class first is also likely to be more efficient. 

      It differs for each student but in general, when someone has attended the class first, the process of writing their Medical School personal statement is a lot less stressful and the first draft has better content, with a better structure. Naturally, they often require only one detailed review after. However if you have a good draft done, then sending it for review straight and not attending a class is a great approach.

      If you are unsure what would be best for you, you can email us at and Dr Jiva can have a look at your situation to give you some advice. 

      Dentistry Personal Statement Review

      As an applicant to Dentistry, you may be tired of using “Medicine” labelled support for your application, when in fact an application to Dentistry is different! Find how our review is specific for Dentistry applicants as well.

      The founder of theMSAG is a Doctor but the we work closely with dentists and dental students. We'll make sure you have tailored insights from a professional Dentist.

      Although many principles apply to Medicine and Dentistry personal statements, some of the essential differences include the fact that Dentistry involves a mix of NHS and private practice from early on in the career and insights into this is essential in the personal statement. Dental issues in the population and challenges of dentists as a profession differ significantly from Medicine. When it comes to skills, there are also significant differences, one of them being manual dexterity or understanding of how much appearance can affect mental health and well-being.  

      If you are a Dentistry applicant, be assured that the personal statement review service is fully tailored to the uniqueness of your application while following the line by line review process, the structure feedback and the full marking schemes as described in other parts of this page. We will of course use the marking schemes for the Dentistry courses you are applying to.

      Widening access

      theMSAG is dedicated to helping students get into medical school, and helping them overcome financial barriers.  We care about helping students, and that's why we offer scholarships for all of our products and services.  If you are student that needs a personal statement review but can not afford it, please send an email to and we'll get started on the scholarship process.