Flex Tutoring | UCAT, BMAT, PS, Interview

What is "flex" tutoring?

We wanted to create a way students could get tutoring for various parts of the medical school application process, but affordably.  Creating a flex bundle lets us offer better rates AND students have the flexibility to use them interchangeably based on their needs for UCAT, BMAT, Personal Statement and Interview Tutoring.  Truly a win-win situation!

worry-free commitment

The medicine application process is not short and simple, nor is it the same for every individual.  Depending on the schools you are applying to, you may need to take the BMAT, or work on your panel interview technique instead of MMI. 

So how can you commit to a tutoring package for just one area of your application?

That is where theMSAG’s flex tutoring comes into play.  We are the only company that offers a bulk tutoring package that conforms to YOUR needs as the season continues.  Found you’ve mastered the UCAT prep with only a few hours of tutoring? Put some hours towards improving your personal statement!  Need to strengthen your interview strategy? We can help!

We’ve put together a comprehensive set of plans to fit your 1-1 needs.  Take a look at the helpful chart below and when you’re ready, you can pick the package that suits you the most.

Flex Tutor Cost breakdown

Time (hours)
Original Price
% Discount
Price per hr
FLEX Total

Flexible bundle = flexible payments

There is a reason widening access is in our core values: we want to help as many people as possible get into medical school.  There is no reason that financial need should be a barrier.  That is why we offer flexible payment plans including installments and scholarships upon request.  Simply open up a chat with s or send an email to hello@theMSAG.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Why are we the best choice?

Not only do we have the most affordable tutor packages, we also put our tutors through an extensive vetting process before they’re hired, and extensive training afterward. We even provide you with all the information about our tutors you need to know before you work together - because we believe in being open, honest and transparent. Here is a comparison chart of our top competitors - and you can find bios on our full team, including tutors, right here.