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Medical School Interview Book overview

Written by the team behind the most successful Medical School Interview Course in the UK, containing detailed information for each of the 135 interview questions covered. This practical guide will help you prepare for commonly asked medical school interview questions and will help you to learn how to best structure your answers. We will cover all questions from real medical school interviews. We discuss panel style interviews as well as multiple mini MMI interviews to help you prepare for every type of interview scenario. 

You will learn how to show your motivation for medical school through each answer while demonstrating that you have strong communication skills and a clear understanding of what it means to work in the medical profession.The combination of the knowledge you need and the in-depth analysis of each question makes this your perfect guide to get you into medical school. 

Learn how to approach different types of interview questions

  • Data interpretation questions: these stations are designed to see how well the applicant can analyse data and interpret it 
  • The article station: students are given an article to read and then they get asked questions and/or have a conversation with the interviewer on the article
  • Calculation stations: for this station you will be expected to do math calculations such as a drug dosage
  • Picture stations: applicants will be given a picture/photo and asked to describe the image
  • Medical ethics questions: for this station, you will be asked for your opinion on an ethical scenario
  • NHS hot topics questions: during this station, you will be expected to discuss a topical issue or asked for your opinion
  • The GMC Duties of a Good Doctor: applicants will be expected to discuss GMC duties of a doctor or answer a scenario based on these principles
  • Example type questions: you will be asked to provide and discuss an example of when you have demonstrated or observed a key skill/scenario

What to expect?

We help you prepare for your medicine interviews by teaching you a detailed approach on how to answer medical school interview questions. To help you with your answers we will provide you with a variety of content ideas to help you form solid answers. In addition to showing you how to respond, we also outline what you should avoid during your medical school interviews.This book will outline full sample answers that have proven to be ideal responses. Once you finish you will be able to structure your answers to all interview question types to help you ace your medical school interviews!



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    Unfortunately, since this is an Ebook and you are provided the link to download upon purchase you will not be allowed a refund on the Medical School Interview Book. 

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  • When was the medical school interview book updated?

    This guidebook was published in 2018 with up-to-date information.