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COVID-19 has everyone staying at home looking for things to do other than record TikToks and read the news... so why not get ready for the UCAT? We've decided to grant everyone FREE EARLY ACCESS to our brand new UCAT self-study course. Please keep in mind that it's still under development, but we have every section of the course and some sample questions available for you to access right now. Simply checkout with this £0.00 item and we'll set up your account within a few minutes. For now, we're granting access until the end of April, but we have plans to extend it... we'll keep you updated.

Let's get through this together!

Real tutors, interactive UCAT prep.

No dull PowerPoint slides with voiceover.

winner of the 2019 “Digital Innovation of the Year” Pioneer award, we bring to you in 2020 a brand new adaptive and interactive UCAT online course.

Over 7 hours of teaching...

...split into 66 individual bite-sized interactive video lessons. In each, your tutor goes over one specific strategy covering a total of 200 UCAT questions, fully worked out. More than just a UCAT mock or practice tests: experience timed practice and adaptive responses from the tutor.  We use “recall”, “personal interaction” and “practice” as effective learning methodologies. This is complemented by animations, full captions, a breadth of different UCAT teachers and more visual effects to keep your experience engaging. A truly interactive and fun learning experience.

Interactive and adaptive

Our online UCAT course uses the latest technology to give you a unique interactive learning experience.

Advanced Animations

Engagement is necessary for focus and learning. By incorporating animated cartoons, sounds and advanced animations throughout the course, including UCAT question tutorials, we make sure you do not get bored and in turn improve your ability to retain the information.

Accessible for All


Our software is built to work perfectly on mobile and on desktop/laptop so you can learn and practice whenever and wherever you need.


We take disability into account when creating products. The availability for full captions throughout makes our course more accessible. It also helps being able to watch the videos in noisy environments... or you may just enjoy the captions. On or off, subtitles are your choice.


2 years ago we released an online interview course for FREE. Continuing on the same ethos of widening access, our state of the art online UCAT course is the cheapest online course in the market. The package online UCAT course + full access to the question bank (over 2000 practice questions) is priced at £50, which is cheaper than the course alone for all other competitors.

Our teaching material

Great technology, a great platform and an accessible product are only good if the content is of the right quality. Before upgrading our teaching platform and working on an engaging delivery, we spent a whole year perfecting the content of the UCAT teaching material.

Tutors in the top 10th percentile

To make sure the course was as comprehensive and as well thought out as possible, Dr Jiva selected 2 tutors per section that had high scores themselves in the UCAT and proven ability to teach to review all the content and suggest further teaching methodologies, strategies, organisation of the learning points. They worked in partnership with Philip and Kate for a few months to improve the course content to its best potential. During this process, official exams and questions were reviewed in detail to ensure no topic, question type or strategy was missing to tackle them. 

The resulting teaching content created is clear, well explained and comprehensive. After reviewing other online courses available in the UK, we found that roughly 30 to 60% of the strategies we teach are not included in other courses, depending on the section in question. We updated our course in style and content for 2021 entry and are confident we can help you prepare for the UCAT.

Competitor Analysis

You may be thinking… What about the UCAT Medic Portal Course, the Medify UCAT course or the Kaplan UCAT course? To make it easy for you, Dr Jiva, our founder has put together a comparison table below including some of the most common UCAT online courses and ours. See for yourself and have fun learning!

Widening Access

Widening access is a core value of The Medicine School Application Guide. We believe that financial means shouldn’t be a barrier to studying medicine. Our UCAT Online Course is therefore the most affordable on the market. Think you qualify for extra financial aid?  Contact us and you may be eligible to access the course completely free. The course is also captioned and available on all devices for ease of access.

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    Valene D.
    United Kingdom
    Great online course.

    Found MSAG quite late in my revision. Wish I found it sooner though. Hoping to attend the interview course to start preparing for the 2020 intake.